Online Payment Processing Solutions

The retail world has changed dramatically with the advent of the internet. Online eCommerce transactions now account for a significant amount of sales in dozens of different retail categories. Surely, a proper payment processing system needs to be in place on any online store that sells merchandise. Modern shopping carts are integrated into the web design of online shops that guarantee secure payment collection upon checkout. A webmaster that operates his or her own online store needs a merchant account in order to collect the money from online customers.

Third party credit card processor companies often charge webmasters of online stores significant fees. Additionally, there is a hassle of dealing with a “middle man” that delivers money between customers and online store owners. For example, it may take more than a week for an online transaction to get transferred into the merchant account of a store owner that is managed by a thirty party credit card processing company. One simple way to eliminate the middle man in online credit card transactions is to create a personal merchant account.

One major advantage of having a personalized merchant account is that credit card funds are received in a matter of days not weeks. There is no more waiting for slow electronic wire transfers or even mailed checks for owners of online shops. Another major benefit of having a merchant account without a third party company is the cut in expenses for various credit card processing fees. In others words, custom merchant accounts pay only the necessary fees that are associated with major credit card issuers. Merchant accounts also come with live technical support to resolve any transaction problems quickly.

Webmasters can create their own merchant accounts for eCommerce operations by searching for companies that provide credit card handling services. Such trustworthy credit card processing firms offer secure merchant accounts that come with authentic software that can be easily integrated into the shopping cart of any online store. SSL certificates may also be combined with safe shopping carts to reassure customers about safe payment methods. Surely, smart online shoppers don’t want to have their identity stolen and therefore look for safe payments.

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