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Marketing companies have to get their research from somewhere and for many of them the humble survey is still a steadfast option, providing as much or more information as many more expensive alternatives.

However, the internet is full of fake sites and it can often be quite hard to be certain that the survey site you’re looking at is real or fake. In addition, while some survey sites pay reasonably well, others don’t. So, between fake sites and poorly paying ones it can often be hard to do well and make a reasonable amount of money from online survey sites. However, we’re here to help. Here’s how to pick the diamonds from the rough when it comes to survey sites.


Knowing a scam when you see one will save you time, effort and even money. Though there are plenty of legitimate sites online, estimates would suggest that there are far more scam sites. Scammers have jumped on the survey bandwagon and the best way to avoid them is to use review sites to avoid them.

In addition, a simple Google search with the title of the site followed by the term ‘scam’ or ‘legit’ can also help uproot any potential issues with a website. Read through both of these and keep an eye out for complaints about non-pay-outs, adverts and low survey volume.

One of the big signs of a scam is having to pay to join up – in the world of survey sites, you should be making money from the survey not having to pay money to waste time and take a survey. If you see anything like this, run as far away from the site as is possible.

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High Paying Sites

Another thing to beware of with surveys is that even legitimate sites may still pay very little for surveys and there can be a significant disparity between the amounts that are paid out. Some sites pay out multiples of other sites for similar amounts of time and effort. Checking survey review sites online to get an idea of rates is certainly recommended.

Survey reviews sites such as also look at how well a survey site will add a survey to a user – some often provide users with obscure surveys that simply don’t suit them. The best way to prevent this is to fill in as much information as possible in the area.

Multiple Sites

When you weed out the bad sites and find some good ones, add to your repertoire. Survey sites don’t offer you unlimited surveys and you’ll be provided with more depending on their quote. Joining multiple sites can provide you with more opportunities. However, be sure to only join sites that are worth your time.

If you limit yourself to cash only sites then you won’t get as many opportunities. Surely, it’s understandable that people would want cash first, however be open to other sorts of sites. Sites that offer reward points that can be exchanged are a good bet too, as are sweep stake sites. Even sites that help you save money can be as good as cash once their relevant to items you purchase. Often discounts and points pay-outs are far greater than cash earnings and are a better option.

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More Surveys

If you’re hoping to get more surveys then the best way to do so is to respond to survey offers quickly and to take them quickly. Quotas fill up quickly and if you take too long to fill out online surveys you may end up having your survey cancelled. The quicker you’re on the ball and the faster you complete the survey, the better.

Surveys can be a great form of complementary income and add a few dollars to the coffers at the end of the month. So, why not take part and see whether you like it or not.


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