Do you want to make something new and extremely risky this year or during the one that is just around the corner? Would you like not having to pay a single cent but feel rather as a VIP into a new country? Now you get the chance to do so! While surfing on the Internet, I have come across a great offer that I want to share with you. In case you have 100,000 followers on Instagram, more than 2,000 Facebook friends or 100,000 page fans, this post is ought to send you to one of the most beautiful cities in the world  – Stockholm for a free stay on a 5* hotel! In case you wish to find more about it, make sure to stick with us and keep on reading!


Where to Go

The first thing to know about this offer is the name of the hotel in Stockholm, the one that managed to come up with this amazing offer for the social networkers! Being placed in Stockhold, the Nordic Light Hotel offers to any social networker who meets the condition presented above seven free nights stay on any period of time during the year!


How it works

In order to take advantage of the offer, the social networker has to say thank you when posting their reservation (online), check in upon coming and leaving. You need to mention the web page and their fan page (on Facebook). For Instagram, the rules change a bit since you need to use the #nordiclighthotel hashtag when you are here and have made your check in. The same thing you need do to when making the reservation and on the check out, as well!


What to be attentive at

Although the offer is simply mesmerizing, if you want to take advantage of it and not wake up with a nightmare and headache you need to know that the condition and the rules above need to be followed as they are. If you jump over at least one rule, the discount breaks and you need to pay the entire seven nights at the hotel which, taking into account it is a 5 stars one, your budget will definitely feel rather scared and low if this thing happens. Yet, why would you say no to such an offer? Make sure to check Sweden on your travel list this year or make a resolution to do so in the next one!