Paypal is a great way to get paid online securely. It is used by many people to receive and make payments to friends and family as well as by businesses to give their customers a secure way to pay for things. The reason that it is more secure than other ways of paying is because you do not need to give anyone your bank details or card number. They just use your email address to send a payment to your paypal account and then you log into the account to use it.

There are different ways that you can get paid into your Paypal account. With a general account you can ask people to send you money into the account using your email address. It is very simple for them to set up a payment and the money will arrive straight in your account. Then you can decide whether to keep the money in there or to draw it out or spend it. You can send it to your bank account, once you have associated it with the account or you can keep the money in there to spend on things when you shop online.

If you have a business Paypal account then you can do a bit more with it. You can set up a button to use o a website or social media page so that people can pay for items in a shopping cart. Therefore if you sell things on your website, this could be a great way for you to get paid. Many people trust paying by Paypal more than using a credit card directly, because of the extra layer of security it gives them and so it may encourage them to be more likely to send you money. You can also send invoices through Paypal if you have a business account which can be extremely useful for allowing your customers to know how much they owe you and giving them the option of a secure way to pay you. If you have a business account though you do have to wait until you have £50 in your account before you can withdraw the money for free. You can withdraw any amount but there is a charge if it is less than £50.

So you can see that there is a large potential to earn well by having a Paypal account. You can invoice customers or invite them to buy things from you online directly through a button. You can also do freelance work and be paid by Paypal. A lot of online work is solely paid through Paypal as it is secure and can deal with lots of different currencies. So if you want to earn money online, then having a Paypal account could be a great way to start as you should find that there will be people willing to pay you for doing various things, through Paypal. So by having a Paypal account and letting your customers or employers know what your email address associated with the account is, you will be able to get paid. You will then simply be able to spend the money directly for the account or transfer it to your bank. It is also a great tool for you to have to be able to send money securely yourself or to pay for things securely online.