Yes, you read it right, paypal’s got new design, at least  I got it few days ago here in Europe. And I must say that they did a really good job, in just 5 minutes I managed to see everything I ever wanted with just a few clicks.

It’s much easier to check your monthly yearly earnings, expenses, paypal fees, and much more.  When it comes to tax tracking and paying, it blew my mind with the tools and option available and design that helps you track everything from left to right.

This is a time saver for sure, I’m pretty confident that I will make payments and receive paymend much quicker and with clear picture of where the funds are going and how I’m spending my money.

Still, some pages kept their old design look, like “My Money” profile page and preaproved automatic payments.

I would love to see my subscriptions and preaproved payments, at least ones which are active, on the front page of my paypal account.

But I’m sure it will happen soon, they obviously have a great team working on this.

Here are some of the screenshots of the new paypal design look, enjoy:


paypalnewhomepageSummary PayPal Business


Transactions PayPal Business