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Personal Capital

Nothing is important in our financial life like knowing what you have and where it is. Life has gone mobile, and so should your finances. The Personal Capital, available on iPhoneiPad and Android, allows you to access all your financial accounts in one view without opening different windows. User’s asset growth is presented in a beautiful and a clear format. Private investment advisors are available to provide additional account management services for a low 1% fee, but the app itself is 100% free.

Functions of Personal Capital

The application is 100% free to download. It allows you to see all of your assets and your cash flow. The second function of the capital application is portfolio performance. This capital application on mobile phones and I pad amazingly helps its user in tracking performance of group of shares that one have bought. The average users can have from15 accounts and Personal Capital makes sense of them all as if they were one.  The accounts, which are from disparate investment formats like mutual funds, stocks, money market accounts and checking/savings, are integrated with ease. This eventually helps in maximizing of ones money with the application.

The Mobile application has opportunities of helping its users in management of money by giving you a holistic view of all of your accounts. You can track your income, spending, savings and investment performance.

Mutual fund fee calculator is another aspect of the personal capital that has improved the management of finances.  The application is excellent in calculating the fee paid to mutual fund managers. It allows you to see where you could save your money by identifying mutual fund fees. 401k fees can add up over time and eventually rob consumers of substantial amounts of retirement money. The app has 401k Fee Analyzer which help people to understand what are 401k fees, how to analyze them and do something about the fees at low cost. Some of the Personal Capital 401k includes low cost investment vehicles and free access to Personal Capital tools.

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Investment check up is another major function of the mobile app, which charges a 0.95% fee to manage the first $250,000 in investable assets and scales down the more money the client has to invest. Clients are able to communicate online with a financial adviser and offers individualized investment portfolio management. These advisers can be reached via email, phone, video and through the chat function on the site.

Improving Management of Capital

Track your income and spending, see your largest expenses, and easily view your transactions with Personal Capital Cash Manager. The ability to move money between accounts using the new iPhone application (as well as pay other people, or pay bills) is another important feature of the application. The application is a remote control for your money. So, sign up an account at website so as to download a free application. This will enable you to have a written financial plan.


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