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There are some lucky people who know exactly what they want to do as they’re entering college, other people on the other hand just pick a degree where they feel like they’ll have flexibility upon graduation. Obviously the best case scenario is knowing exactly what you want to do, getting a Bachelor’s degree in that field, and then finding experience that will enhance your skills. We’re all not that fortunate. There are some people out there who major in photography or graphic design and then end up working in the corporate world because they couldn’t find any steady opportunities in the field of their choice. It seems like the education you paid for kind of goes down the drain at this point, but most jobs nowadays require a Bachelor’s degree anyway. If you find yourself in the position, you’re in luck because there are things you can do that will earn you a steady income with nearly any degree.

Real Estate Sales Agent

You don’t even need a Bachelor’s Degree to become a real estate agent, but it’s always a plus. Some employers are going to require a degree, so then you’re ahead of the game. Depending on your state, you’re going to need a real estate license, which will require you to take classes and then pass an exam. If you think that helping clients find their dream home or a location for them to work out of, this might be the career for you. You get paid via commission, so you have to be pretty decent at your job in order to make a living. You need to be personable, confident, and organized. On average, real estate agents make a little over $40,000 but the potential is endless.

Insurance Adjuster

Becoming a public adjuster can offer salaries ranging form $25,000 to $80,000 per year if you go the public route.  Most employers are going to want you to have a Bachelor’s Degree, but if that’s not an option for you, going to school specifically for licensing is another more predominant requirement. You will need to gain experience in places like restoration, but companies are likely to hire you if you can display good communication skills, software expertise, analytical skills, and an above-average work ethic.

Executive Assistant

You can make some really good money if you find the right executive assistant job. The minimum education requirements are usually a high school diploma or the equivalent experience, but if you want to work at a well-known company or firm, it’s a good idea to have a Bachelor’s degree. You need to be extremely organized because your work makes your boss organized. You should be good at conducting research, preparing reports, scheduling meetings, writing letters, and speaking with clients. The growth rate for executive assistants is looking good for the next decade, but the annual salary is still only around $55,000.


You don’t need an education to become an electrician, but if you want to start your own small business, a background in management is a great idea. To become an electrician you need to take part in a 2-5 year apprenticeship, attend technical school, and even get your license. Learning a trade is always a solid career path because we can’t imagine a future where we don’t need electricians. Right now the average pay is $52,000, but if you have your own company that can increase considerably.


Another trade, becoming a plumber takes time but will be well worth it if you can create your own business. You’re going to need specific certification requirements, experience, and you may need to pass an exam. In the next ten years or so, the plumbing industry is going to increase by 12%. With an average salary of $51,000, there’s always room for growth.

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