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You’ve decided to set the world on fire! Well good for you. The business world has been waiting for this moment. It will redefine the art of marketing and sales. Books will be written on your brilliant strategy. You’ll make so much money, you’ll have to give most of it away to an ethical charity. We can’t wait. Only one thing stands between you and that moment. A brilliant marketing campaign. That’s all. Easy as.


Work it out before you start.


The best campaigns are not a matter of chance. They are a matter of accuracy. Accuracy comes from research and knowledge. That means understanding where you customers are. It means being able to relate to what they are doing and when. Perhaps your product is a 24/7 service that knows no boundaries. Great, you’ve found the perfect business. For most businesses this is not the reality. We have to know how we are best going to get in touch with our customers.


Track down the hangouts


In a virtual world, that means knowing where they are hanging out. It means offering them an incentive to get involved with you on some level. It is about enticing people by offering some value. Few customers are going to come to you for nothing. They will be suspicious. A good business builds up a relationship in the way that every dating app tries to do. You are trying to establish that you have a common ground and something that you can share. Do it for the love of it. Whatever it is, share the passion and develop that bond.


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Stock up on the good tech.


Don’t surround yourself with every singing and dancing app you can find. This is not about how great or smart you are. In fact the really smart entrepreneur wants to be doing that, not getting involved with the software hassles.


Ground yourself with the best webiste you can develop. Make it simple and make it work. When your potential customers arrive let them find it easy to get around and find out about you. Get an SMS gateway in place so your campaign when it starts, gets off the ground flying. You can have literally hundreds of messages going out at the touch of a button. You’ll be sending content out to your entire database.




Plan your campaign ahead. Don’t just react to the situation. Big battles are won with strategy not luck. Know what you are going to offer and when. Do it in steps. Reinforce the notion of trust and value. Be open and upfront and keep the updates coming through. Link enquiries back to your website and direct traffic towards your potential sales..


Pay attention to the timing of your campaigns. Do this from a seasonal point of view but also by examining the time of day and day of the week. Your campaign will only be one aspect of your marketing strategy, but it is a vital one. It is putting your business out there for everyone to see. You will be starting to grow your business.


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Of course your brilliant idea is original and on the cusp of every trend. It will hit the ground running. At every stage have a plan in place, not just for this campaign but for the next one and the one after that. Keep it up and you may well perfect it and set the world on fire yet!



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