You probably remember my old post about how you can make money with postjoint by accepting guest posts. Well I have tested it and I must say that I’m happy with it.  And this postjoint review will get you a better picture of the website and how it works, trust me, I have made more than $150 with it in less then a two weeks.

The idea is great, it has a lot of users, and both sides publishers and advertisers can benefit from it. This review is 100% from personal experience and I think it will help you to make money online with postjoint.

Basically it’t the website where advertisers can publish their posts in order to promote their online or offline businesses, and publishers like you and me can post those posts on our websites or blogs for a fee.

It’s the win win situation, because advertisers will promote their business or clients and we will get unique and useful content for your readers and loyal visitors.

Now the fee is not determined by the advertiser on the website, you need to make a bid to the advertiser. If I remember right, every advertisers can receive up to 5 offers, so you need to be careful not to charge too much or to low.

I personally had rejections but also a good amount of positive responses, my bids were usually around $30, which some may say it’s too low, because my traffic is good. But we all need to start somewhere right?

And if you’re not sure how much to charge, here is a table that will help you to set up your fee per post.

how much to charge per post

How I Made $143 In Two Weeks With PostJoint?

I must say, once I get my hands on a website or a tool, I test it to the limits, the reason why I made this money was the activity on the website. Every time new offers arrived, I was the first one to check them out and offer my fee to the advertisers.

I picked only business related offers, you need to choose offers related to your blog , because advertiser who sells shoes will not post an article on ice cream blog.

How to Attract Advertisers?

One of the tactic I used was a free post, for example, I would message an advertiser and offer him a free post on my blog for every two paid posts he decides to publish with me, and I must say it worked.

Only in first couple of days I managed to make near $100 with it, which is not bad, because there are many bloggers out there struggling to make a $100 in a whole month with an Adsense. I know because, I went through all of that, and I will never again sell my blog for pennies to Adsense.

Here is the screenshot of my offers and earnings:

Some offers and names are hidden for privacy reasons, but you can see in  couple of my offers how much I made, it is over $140. And the best thing is, that some advertisers contacted me personally on my blog and gave me more opportunities with more earnings, which is all thanks to postjoint.

There you go, this is one really useful website which I highly recommend, try it out, I’m sure you will make money online.

PostJoint - money I made