Credit cards can lead to a lot of financial problems. For example, unpaid credit card balances can build up high interest rates that could become unbearable for some consumers. Additionally, there is always the risk of getting charged for ovedraft fees when there aren’t enough funds on a credit card account.

Some people can be careless when handling credit cards, especially when going on shopping sprees in the mall. Sometimes, it’s just convenient to have a prepaid card. Money is loaded onto such a card and there aren’t any problems that could possibly arise. When the funds are depleted on a prepaid card, it’s impossible to dip into reserves that create negative account balances. Additionally, users of prepaid cards never have to pay any interest rates on anything and there aren’t any monthly bills or statements.

A reloadable card is convenient for individual that dislike carrying cash. Some people just want to make small purchases with a card that doesn’t come with any financial obligations. Additionally, prepaid cars are great for teenagers that can be careless when it comes to spending someone else’s money.

Parents could load money onto prepaid credit cards or debit cards and let teenagers spend a limited amount. A SpendSmartCard is an example of a prepaid credit card that is suitable for teenagers. Online accounts and smartphone apps make it easy to deposit funds onto reloadable credit cards. Additionally, pins may be customized for a prepaid card that can be used to withdraw cash at ATMs.