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Whether you used printing for a business or personal benefit, you can tell the fact that the cost of ink cartridges escalated more than ever; printer ink is now considered to be more expensive than champagne and whiskey. But to not spend unnecessary amount of money on printing is not totally out of your control. Just follow these several printing tips to save on cash and ink:

Tip. 1

Get to know the market. A person, who lacks knowledge on ink cartridges brands, can end up purchasing expensive ink cartridges, where he/she could get the same quality of print-outs while using a much cheaper ink cartridge.

Tip. 2

To make sure that you will get your desired quality of print-out, use the Print Preview feature. It will show you the preview copy of your document in a format, which it will come out. People who do not use this feature could end up wasting a good amount of ink and paper, because they failed to adjust the document to their liking.

Tip. 3

Re-printing documents, because of errors cost a lot of ink. To avoid this, proofread your document before printing it. Mistakes like misspellings and grammatical errors could be a big deal if you’re going to use the document for work or school.

Tip. 4

If you’re going to copy content from the internet, only include the texts and pictures that you’re going to used. Delete the unimportant graphics, as it used a good amount of printer ink.


Tip. 5

Obviously, black ink cartridges are cheaper than color print cartridges. If you’re only using your print-outs for yourself, and not for a business or school presentation, it’s better to print it in black ink.

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Tip. 6

Opt for a soft copy. Store the web content into your mobile phone, iPad, USB or laptop, instead of printing it. This way, the information is more convenient to access. You did not only save ink, you also save paper.

Tip. 7

Print something at least once a week. When you won’t use your printer for a long time, the ink in your printer cartridges could dry up. Make small print-outs for this.

Tip. 8

Use Century Gothic font on your print-outs. According to a study, Century Gothic uses less amount of ink compare to other fonts while maintaining readability.

Tip. 9

To take advantage of the performance of your printer, store it in a room with a normal temperature. Inconsistent temperature could negatively affect your printer cartridges efficiency.

Tip. 10

Save money on paper by recycling used, old ones. If the document you’re going to print is just a draft, print it on back of a used paper instead of using brand new one.

Tip. 11

Shut down your printer properly. When the printer isn’t shut down correctly, air could enter the print heads, and the printer ink would dry up, resulting to poor quality of print-outs.

Tip. 12

Switch your print settings to draft function. If a high quality print-out is not necessary, use the draft function, and the printer would produce less ink on your document.


Lewis is a printer technician who loves to write on printer tips and tricks, now he is writing for You can easily save money using printer refill ink in your printer cartridge.

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