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Your business might be affected by a natural disaster or system failure at anytime. For such events, you should have an appropriate back-up solution for your business. This back-up will assure you all your data recovery needs, and should be done as soon as possible. But before approaching a back-up plan, you should be aware of the elements which is composed of.

A good plan should be able to cover and eliminate the risks caused by a series of unwanted events, such as:

– Faults of your critical business equipment (ie servers, network equipment)
– Power failures which persists for a longer period of time – The interruption of your communications
– Errors which are able to corrupt your applications and databases
– Mistakes of your company employees or even intern sabotage
– Malicious software attacks (ie viruses, worms, Trojan horses)
– Hacking or phishing attempts
– Natural disasters (ie fire, floods, earthquakes)

Given all these risks, you should find an appropriate company which is able to deliver high-quality Network Security Services. Furthermore  the company should be able to provide you a long-term continuity plan, which is vital for your business.

Following a recent study in the United States, the companies which were affected by an unplanned event that led suffered from major loss of data, which finally led to a permanent closing of their business. 43% of them never reopened their business, while another 51% have closed their business in less than two years.

Unforeseen events can occur at any time, so you should always be prepared. Depending on the size and scope of your business, the company you work with, has to create an adequate plan that will minimize the negative effects of the disaster, while also maintaining the competitivity of your business.

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The continuous development in businesses technology means that we’ll depend more and more on the IT department. A single moment of downtime can translate into a major loss for your business, so the company you hire has to provide highly efficient IT Support Services too.A company specialized in data loss prevention can easily create a high-quality data recovery plan.

In order to create this plan, they will have to go through several steps, which include the analyze (a proper review of the critical areas of your business), the design (which implies defining the operational command structure, the identification and selection of your back-up location), the implementing of the defined solution (including the identification, addition or expansion of certain responsibility areas), the testing (or the simulation scenarios of fault recovery, which includes obtaining the compliance for your initial objectives) and the maintenance (which implies periodic retesting in order to ensure a continuous operativity of the given solution).

The costs implied by a business back-up solution can greatly vary, depending on the chosen components of the plan. The normal costs are situated somewhere between a few hundreds and a few thousand dollars. As for how you can implement your own Continuity Plan, you should report to the specialist of your chosen company, since he is the only one who can find the right solutions for your business.

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