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As a publisher of any sort of digital content, such as video, audio and eBook projects, you will probably already be aware that it is relatively simple to upload your work to the Internet and allow people to start downloading it. However, in order to maximize your income and reduce the potential for copying and unauthorized distribution, it is a sensible idea to use the services of experienced professionals – the team at can handle the content publishing needs of any business.

Although allowing file downloads allows users to have a permanent copy of your material, this may not always be the most desirable option. You may wish to simply stream audio and video content, with there also being the possibility to download a copy of it for a fee – this is a business model that can be put into practice for you by Streaming content means that it cannot be physically stored until a purchase is made, and there are a number of safeguards that are put in place to prevent users from obtaining the material unlawfully. If Internet connection speeds are preventing your fans from streaming content, dynamic techniques can be used that adjust the audio and video quality in real-time so that it is suitable for virtually any type of connection.

Once your content has been published online, the next major concern is usually about how to get as many people as possible to view it and/or purchase it. When you get in touch with to find out more about promoting your content in as many channels as possible, their skilled marketing professionals will be able to advise you about the most appropriate stores for your product. Amazon and eBay are just two outlets that they understand comprehensively, and they can also assist with advice about niche content and similarly specialised marketplaces.

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While you have been building the popularity of your business or content, you may have already experimented with the use of social media websites including Facebook and Twitter. This type of network is one of the most powerful marketing tools that you can use, but at the same time it takes constant analysis of your fan base and network reach to develop the perfect marketing plan. At, they have a team of expert social media professionals that have already managed social media pages for a number of individuals – their main objective is to leverage this type of website to maximise your popularity and sales revenue.

Once your audio or video project has been completed, the actual content data can be analysed by to ensure that it is entirely fit for purpose. While it may appear to be perfectly formatted for your own computer or TV, their technical team can convert it into a number of different data formats – this means that it can be purchased and viewed/heard on computers, tablets, smartphones, games consoles and smart TV sets.

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