Every now and then, a company needs a good old shake up. Rebrands are needed to be innovative and bold. If your business has had the same, tired brand for the last few years, it may be time to revitalise your business and give it a much-needed boost. Of course, your current branding efforts may be working well enough. But, consumers are seeing rebrands all the time. They don’t want to see the same tired, face of business. Rebranding doesn’t have to be a complicated process. But, it does require a lot of thought.


Let’s see how a rebranding exercise can promote your business. What’s more, we’ll find out if now the right time to rebrand is.


Determining Your Identity


What current status do you have in your venture? Are you projecting a family image? Do you have a cutting edge culture? Assessing your current ethos and comparing it with a new one is important. Do you know what you want to be? You may not want to change your identity in a drastic way. A logo update may just be what’s needed. Think about your image and what ethos you want to project to your clientele.


What Do Your Customers Want?


Look at your customer base. Take a look on social media. Seek out what your customers want. Study your demographic. If you are keen to make a big change, it’s important that you look at your current customer base. Is this rebrand being done in a bid to attract new customers? Or, are you looking at revamping your current look for something a little sleeker? Appealing to a new demographic is essential for sustainable business growth. But, if you change too much, you may lose your loyal army of fans. Reach out to your customers and see what they want. A fresh and innovative new look is vital for your success, without alienating your current customers.

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Changes to Your Brand: What Next?


Changes to your brand may mean devising a new logo. You may need to revitalise your current packaging with the aid of core cutting machines. Graphic designers will be your best friend during this time. You will need to ensure that your new image is projected on everything. Your social media and offline material will need to be updated. You will need to have your new logo emblazoned on packaging and bags. You need to make sure that you are branding everything in a new way. This can be expensive. But, using your old materials will only serve to confuse your client base. Out with the old and in with the new. A new image calls for everything to be replaced with your fresh, funky new outlook on business.


Communicating Your Efforts


Rebranding is an effective means of communicating. It assures your clients that you are cutting edge and innovative. You need to ensure, however that everyone internally is happy with the new ethos of the company. You need to have a team that is the epitome of your new image. You need to devise a launch date and have everything ready for the deadline. Everything should be announced via social media and your website. Build hype and buzz around the new brand.  Use this opportunity to tell your company’s story.


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