Why does retirement have to be a bad word? Why not treat it as one of the important milestones in the journey of life and not an end of the journey? DeEtte Sauer loved working and winning all through her life, untill she faced the crossroads of retirement. In her own words, “I never imagined a life without working, so it didn’t seem like it applied to me.??? But retirement was not to be an end for her, it was a new beginning. Sauer pursued competitive swimming and community mentoring programs, and despite being 15 years past the milestone of retirement, is going strong in her happy, productive, and rewarding life. Why fear retirement, why make it an excuse to let go of control over your life? Be the master of your destiny; don’t let retirement stop you from exploring untrodden paths, explore different arenas of creative, professional, and community work, and keep a sense of meaning and worth intact in your life.