Honestly there is too much hype about blogging and being a blogger, I am one of them and there is something I need to tell you. Blogging is not always a best choice and for sure it’s not the fastest way to become rich online.

Then why everyone always chooses a blogging as the starting point in their online career? When it’s obvious that you can be much more successful in anything else other than writing and waiting for almighty Google to spare you some traffic for your hard work.

Rich Blogger and Poor Blogger are Same!

And if you decide to go down this path, then I should prepare you for the worst and for the best. The truth is, some bloggers are rich and some are poor. The only difference between them is the amount of cash they get in their paypal or bank account.

Both, the rich and poor blogger do the same thing, they own a blog, they write a lot of content daily and they both research the topics all the time. They both work from home and have their own unique domain for their particular niche they’re passionate about. And niche is the topic you’re writing about, just like I’m writing about making money blogging and working from home.

Everyone can blog, and many people do, but why is there so much difference in earnings? Probably because the market is huge and blogging is still young, it’s in the process of growing and learning on the way. Remember, blogging is still not the safest place to stay in and work for the rest of your life.

And at the end of the day, one blogger is poor and another one is filthy rich. Why is that?

Here is why, the rich blogger understands the market and poor blogger understands the written word.

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Different Paths

Just like in the offline world, one person starts because they are interested in writing and another person starts because they want to create market for people to work in. Different paths bring them to the different monetization tactics and work ethics.

For example, why would someone start a blog if they don’t help a community or themselves, if you’re starting a blog just to be online and to have online profile, then you’re on the wrong place my friend. You can use the linkedin and facebook for that purpose and save yourself a lot of money you would spend on domain name and hosting.

Why is then one Blogger Rich and another one Poor?


Rich Blogger

Thinks about the future plans and tasks, he tries to create a business from the blog and he invests a money in his online career and writing. Also when it comes to visitors and traffic, he tries to convert them into loyal subscribers and customers.

Rich blogger knows that protecting the investment is always a good solution and if you invest peanuts in your blog, the return will be the same. That’s why you will see that these types of bloggers invest in premium design and tools that will make them stand out from the crowd of bloggers and writers. Because they don’t want peanuts for returns, but steady and healthy online income that can support their family and create new jobs and careers.

Internet marketing and advertising plays a big role in the eyes of the rich blogger, because you cannot comment on other blogs and social media sites forever. There are bigger things to be finished and take care off, like market, opportunities and your own blog staff that need to receive the paycheck every month.

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If you want to become a rich blogger, here’s what you need to do:

Write for the businesses and market, local businesses are good place to be now. Start your own local business directory, you could make a lot of money inside this market.

Use premium tools like Aweber to build your subscribers list and use hostgator for secure and fast hosting. Saving money is important too, that’s why you need to use namecheap to register all of your domains.

Use market samurai to research the keywords and pay a bit for advertising, use adwords, make money from your blog content, use infolinks for contextual advertising and ditch that adsense already, peanuts are not for you if you want to be a rich blogger.

Get the advertising on your blog, monetize your hard work, promote what is important and what people are looking for, try affiliate marketing, use clickbank or peerfly and CPA offers, create your own ebook, sell your digital products and keep most of the money.

Instead of publish guest post for free, get a piece of the pie and get paid for publishing guest posts on your blog, build a brand, sit back and watch your blog becomes a future 500 Fortune company.

As you can see, the more you’re looking for the more you will find and more you will earn, the rich blogger is inside you, monetize your hard work already.

Poor Blogger

Why is this blogger poor, is there something wrong with him, of course not, I’m still one of the poor bloggers, actually I’m somewhere in between the rich and poor, but never mind…

The poor blogger is maybe in this stage because he doesn’t want to be the rich, and these bloggers usually more enjoy the written word and are trying to be likable in everyone’s eyes or should I say monitors. And the thing is, that you cannot make everyone to love you and you cannot waste people’s time, it’s either you’re going to help them or to monetize them, you need to choose.

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Usually poor bloggers don’t want to make money with their blogs but again there is a “Hire Me” link on their blogs home menu. Poor blogger is a gentle soul and is still not ready to enter the stage where they can make a full time living from their blogs.

Here’s what a poor blogger needs to do and can do in order to stay on the track:

Monetize your blog with in text advertising, use tools like infolinks and adsense,  put the simple Aweber form in your sidebar and build your list of subscribers. You never know when you can use another set of brains to help you in changing the world.

Since poor bloggers like to write a lot like I do, use sites like iWriter and make money writing,  create your ebook and sell it on your blog with sellfy, it’s the coolest tool online and you will keep your credibility.

Sponoredreviews or a reviewme can always keep you busy and writing, while still making some money on the side.

After all the things mentioned above, if you’re a rich or poor blogger, it doesn’t matter, just know one thing: you’re unique on your own way. And no matter how much someones tries to change you, always be you, and always have your eyes and mind open.

The post is just huge and sorry for not linking every website, but I know that you’ll find the way to check them out, thanks for reading till the end.


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  1. Blogging really have different scopes to make money on the internet. There are many different ways through which we can make money from our blogs.

    • That’s right, there are many ways, we just need to decide and start working on them.

  2. I am a poor blogger but I am hosted at hostgator have plans to buy aweber subscription but have got no crdedit card for that and bought my domain names from name cheap. Why no affiliate links?

    • Hi George, thank you so much for your detailed comment. You’re on the god way to become a good payed blogger. I just didn’t put any affiliate links because people will find the value with or without any links.

      thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. nice post its differentiate poor blogger and reach blogger but i want to say its depend on hard work
    this post contains very good tips for become a successful blogger

    • It’s true Rahul, hard work is important and I tried to gave best solution for bloggers that just started to make money online.

  4. This post really inspired me while reading thanks for sharing and you have very great skill to share all these in words. honestly speaking after penguin update I became poor blogger. but here is not end don’t worry.

    • Thank you for your kind words Amol, and I’m really sorry to hear that penguin update caught you.

      I also felt some effects of the recent updates, but just need to stay strong and never give up.

      thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi James W,

    I believe that rich bloggers work concistently and they have plan and strategy in their efforts to the finacial freedom! If you don’t know or don’t even understand what you are doing then you simply will fail! I believe that successful bloggers faced many failures but they learnt from them!

    Thank you,

    • You’re completely right,rich bloggers usually have a plan from the start. And when someone has a plan and a goal to achieve, then the results will only become better and better.

      thanks for stopping by Zouras ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Thanks for sharing! I start my blog for six month ago but I just earned a small money. you tips make me sense about blogging.

    • You’re welcome kimsea, I’m glad that these tips make sense and can help you to make more money.

      thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚

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