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Do you know you can romance your readers with your content and make them buy any product you offer them? Now you are surprised, right? Well, I’m not here to tell you what doesn’t exist, I’m here to tell you what I do and what works for me.

If all the visitors that come to your blog do is read and click away, I will help you make them stay, read, buy, and love you more with the tips I’ll be sharing in this article.

Now, are you ready for that ‘’holy Grail’’ traffic, I guess you are because I will reveal to you things you know about but you ignore them because you think they are unnecessary.

After reading what I will be sharing in this article, not only will you be inspired to do more, but you will experience exponential growth on your blog if you put them to work.

TIP 1#

You are not a professor, don’t use BIG WORDS…

Why use big words when you can communicate with your readers with simple words? It doesn’t matter if you passed from school with a first or second class, all you should be aiming at his ensuring your readers understand every single word you’re using.

Know your audience

As a blogger, you should know the kind of audience or readers that come to your blog every day. There has to be a way you communicate with your readers, you should have a writing style you use in communicating to your audience.

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Offer freebies…

From time to time, send out free gifts ( it may be a book or anything), just ensure you at least send one gift a month. This will help because your readers will not only trust you, but they will see you as an expert in your field.

Celebrate your readers

This tip is crazy, but very effective.

Send out gift cards and personalized emails to contacts on your list.  I mean, celebrate the birthday’s of your members every month. This sounds stupid, but if you do it, you will build a long lasting relationship with your readers.

Be smart

Yeah, be SMART!  Apply the strategies you believe will improve the readership and and growth of your blog.

I’ll be sharing more of these tips in my next post, but… I have a gift for you ( you’re funny, are you expecting one from me? Lol) . Don’t mind me, I can be very funny.

Let me know what you think.


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