The price difference between purchasing glasses for men online and in an optical store can be staggering, with in-store costs often several times higher than those quoted online. Unfortunately, many people continue to miss out on these deals because they are wary of the online shopping experience or uncertain of how to find the right glasses. Fortunately, buying eyeglasses online should be easy for people who keep the following tips in mind.

Determine Prescription and Size

People who no longer have any idea what their prescription is can call their optometrist for the information or schedule an appointment, if they think their vision has adjusted since the last appointment. Size, meanwhile, can be found with a look at the glasses currently worn, which should have a set of three numbers printed on the inner frame or bridge. The first number is the width across one lens, excluding the frame; the second number is the distance of the bridge between the two lenses; and the third is the length of the temple arm. For people who don’t love the fit of their current glasses, the best solution is to visit an optical shop, try on different options, memorize the numbers on the best choice, and take that information home.

Measure Pupillary Distance

The distance between the pupils is one of the more important variables to know when buying glasses. Lenses must be positioned based on pupillary distance to ensure the wearer looks through the correct part of the lens. Lenses that are poorly placed can cause eye strain and other problems, especially when the lenses are higher-powered. An optometrist may provide a measurement of pupillary distance; if not, the measurement can easily be obtained at home with a mirror or with the help of a friend.

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Choose Features and Start Comparing

Before exploring all of the options, it is important to think about features like anti-glare coating or anti-scratch lenses and determine which of these are essential. This will make narrowing down the wealth of options easier, and it will improve the likelihood of finding a good deal. Many online retailers offer extremely low prices for basic glasses but increase their prices significantly for extra features. Although the prices are still lower than those at an optical store, the bump can come as a surprise. People with must-have features in mind who compare options between websites will be much more likely to find the most favorable price.

Double-Check All Information

Finally, before ordering a pair of prescription glasses, it is essential to make sure all information has been entered correctly. Online retailers that do a large volume of business may not have time to check every order and verify whether the numbers entered make sense. Although most online sellers have excellent return policies, it can be disappointing to wait for a new pair of glasses only to discover they aren’t at all the right prescription or size.

Enjoy the Savings

Once all this is done, the only thing left to do is enjoy the convenience and money saved. Shopping for eyeglasses online can feel daunting the first time, but once they have tried it, most people are won over for life by the great glasses they enjoy for a fraction of the normal cost.


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