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Today’s homeowners have more options available to them for gas and electric services to power their residences. This is because the costs of fuel have been affected due to changing global economic supply and demand, driving up the prices and inspiring power companies to be more competitive with each other. Today’s residential customer often has several choices for power, instead of a one option monopoly that makes all the decisions and sets the prices.

Despite this freedom, many homeowners just pay the bill each month without taking steps to see if they can receive more cost savings by adjusting their services and taking energy efficiency measures. Companies like New Jersey’s Plymouth Rock Energy have resources, education services, and programs to help you identify energy saving strategies and choices that can make a difference in your home energy use.

Residential Energy Savings

In order to make meaningful reductions to your energy rates, a multi-faceted approach must be undertaken. These strategies may take the form of improving energy-use behavior with small habit changes that are easy to implement, as well as large scale renovations or changes in who provides your power needs. Here are a few suggestions for lowering your energy use:

  1. Unplug phone chargers when they are not being used rather than leaving them plugged in all day and all night.
  2. Make sure lights are turned off in unused rooms instead of leaving them on all the time. This is especially important in basements, garages, and other less frequently used rooms.
  3. Turn off computers rather than leaving them running on screensaver programs when not in use for long periods of time.
  4. Switch ceiling fans according to the seasons to improve the flow of warm and cool air through a room. They should turn counter-clockwise in the summer and run clockwise in the winter.
  5. Cover bare floors with carpeting and rugs to help with heat retention and make it more comfortable for those walking throughout the home.
  6. Start a program to gradually replace all your regular light bulbs with energy efficient light bulbs such as CFL bulbs and new LED white light. These lights tend to cost more upfront, but will run for long periods of time with less energy used. Start replacing any bulbs that burn out with long lasting energy efficient bulbs and soon it will start making a difference overall.
  7. Change settings on computers to reduce energy usage, even when plugged in rather than running on batteries.
  8. Try washing laundry in cold water instead of heated water. You’ll be surprised at how well items get clean without all the extra energy wasted on heating up the water.
  9. Try plugging a group of electronics into a power strip which can be turned off when the items are not in use.
  10. When its time to replace your windows, choose energy efficient glass that reduces the intensity of UV rays entering your home. Virginia Beach roofers explains that this will also help preserve your artwork, carpeting and upholstery.
  11. Apply reflecting coating to your roofing material, thus decreasing the amount of heat entering your home during the summer.
  12. Fix broken and leaking faucets as soon as possible. Having a leaky faucet means that you are paying more for wasted water, as well as paying extra money for that water to be heated with power.
  13. Look for appliances and electronics that are Energy Star certified, which means they meet the government standards for using less power than the competitors. The cost of some of these purchases can be offset by tax credits and power company credits. Check with your accountant and your local energy provider for details on products that meet their requirements.
  14. Install timers on outside lights that are often forgotten in the morning. This will not only save you money, but will provide protection when you are out of town, giving the appearance that you are still there.
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Contact Your Energy Company for More Savings

These are just a few tips out of thousands of things you can do to lower your energy costs, reduce the load on the energy use for your area, and help the environment as well. You can learn more about ways to save on your energy bill by contacting your local power company. Providers such as New Jersey’s Plymouth Rock Energy are working hard to meet local and national energy efficiency guidelines, and they are anxious to help you make a difference in your home.

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