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Saving money is a priority for all of us. However, most of us face difficulties to implement it in our real life. We often end up spending more than we should and this is due to the reason that we don’t have a sensible budget in place. With life getting faster day by day and we getting less time to plan our finances, online tools for money management and budgeting tools prove to be quite handy.

There is no doubt that economic depression has hit us hard with mounting credit card debt, student loan and mortgage loan debt. What can we do so that we don’t face embarrassing situations because of uncontrolled spending? The Internet has made our task easy with a plethora of financial tools and apps.

How do online tools help you in saving money?

Online tools and financial calculators help you in saving money in the following manner:

  • They help you find out whether if you are spending more than you can manage.
  • They assist you to figure out where your money is being spent.
  • You can also save the findings online. However, you might have to register for getting this service from websites like You can also save them as a Microsoft Excel sheet.
  • Some of the online financial tools are available in app form, which you can download on your iPhone or Android phone.

Some of the online moneysaving apps and tools have been discussed below:

1) The Ballpark Calculator

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The Ballpark Calculator helps you calculate how much you should save so that you can retire with peace of mind. It is a product launched by


Mint helps us keep tabs on all the financial accounts that we have in our names. You will be receiving alerts whenever you make a payment or attain an expenditure cap which you have fixed on your accounts. You can also fix saving targets and budgets. We can evaluate all our expenses and make the required amendments.

3) Expensify

Expensify is a free app which can be downloaded on your Android or iPhone device. You just need to link it with your bank or credit card account and then matching the expenditures becomes a cakewalk for you. It is ideal for both business and work-related expenditures. You can keep the proofs of payment as digital documents and send them as attachments with your emails.

4) Pageonce

Pageonce is freely downloadable for your iPad, iPhone, or Android gadget. This app is a popular budgeting tool. You have to register for it, download it, and connect it with all the accounts that you wish to handle. It is an excellent money manager and you can manage the following with this app:

  • Utility bills
  • Bank accounts
  • Investments
  • Credit cards
  • Student loans
  • Travel rewards

In addition, there is a datebook which will demonstrate when your next payments are due.

5) Weemba

This is a site which allows you to look for a loan by furnishing uncommon information like an explanation for the requirement of the funds, your strategies for clearing your debts, or any other information which might add value to the details that financial service providers normally ask for. Weemba is essentially a social networking site with a human face in the lending and borrowing industry.

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6) Saveup

Saveup is basically a gaming site which provides incentives to you whenever you do something prudent with regards to your financial activities. Whether it is saving money for your retired life, clearing off debt, or depositing money to your savings account, you will be rewarded with credits. These credits can be utilized to win special prizes also.

7) Zaarly

It is a popular buying and selling app and is freely downloadable to your Android or iPhone device. You can budget the amount that you are ready to pay and buy the thing of your preference. You can also sell items through this app and mention the distance you are ready to cover for buying something. The SSL features of the app make it more attractive.

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