Saving regularly is good practice, whether you’re flush with cash or struggling to make ends meet. While it may feel like you’ve tightened your belt as far as it can go, there may well be parts of your spending that you haven’t considered: in almost every part of day-to-day life there are savings to be had, as the infographic below shows.

Around the home

Consider the everyday household costs where you could save money, for example: fitting a thermostat inside a room and on your hot water tank can save as much as £100 every year in heating costs. You can save another £110 by turning down the thermostat by a single degree and fitting a hot water insulation jacket on your hot water tank. Not only are you saving cash, but you’re reducing your impact on the environment too.

Outside the house

You may think that there’s not much you can do to cut down on petrol costs, but that’s not the case: reducing the number of items stuck permanently in your boot and slowing down on the motorway (sticking to 60mph rather than 70mph) can make more of a difference than you might think. And do you really need to print out those tickets or boarding passes? Can you display them on a phone or tablet instead?

Watch your outgoings

When you’re struggling to keep a lid on your outgoings, all too often you’ll find yourself hit by unexpected bills that come out of nowhere: a car repair, interest repayments or an overdraft fine. The closer you watch your bank statements the better — in the case of fines and interest it could work out cheaper to get a quick cash loan, though this should never be anything other than a short-term way of avoiding penalties.

Once you really know where your money is going, , you can more easily spot areas where you can cut back. It’s not too late to make a new year’s resolution for what’s left of 2014 and commit to saving deliberately and effectively. You might be surprised at the amount you have in your bank by the time 2015 comes around. Check this infographic by Myjar  for more ideas.