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Studying to become a certified public accountant (CPA) requires time, effort, and dedication. After years of studying, a student must pass the CPA exam to become certified and work in the field. Discover how long it typically takes to get CPA certified and how you can ace the exam to start your professional career right away.

Start By Studying

Attending college-level courses is the first step toward attaining CPA certification. Students need to do well in their classes and study to retain all the information they learned. Taking cpa exam review courses helps students recollect what they learned along the way to help them pass the test. Beyond the required time in the classroom and the field, there are endless hours of studying required to become a certified public accountant.

Years of School

While people play many roles in an accounting department, certification is required to work as a CPA. While the requirements vary based on the state of residence and type of work, a student needs a minimum of 150 college credits to sit for the exam as well as work experience. To become a CPA means taking 30 more credits than a usual bachelor’s degree. A student commits from the beginning to complete extra college credits.

Experience in the Field

After completing nearly five years of college, an aspiring CPA must get experience in the field to qualify to take the exam. To become a CPA, a candidate must complete two years of full-time employment. Work experience is required to sit for the CPA exam. Plus, working in the field gives a student hands-on experience to understand how the processes work in the field. Working in accounting is different from studying it.

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Years of Effort

When a student decides to become a CPA, he or she is already agreeing to complete an extra year of college to earn the applicable bachelor’s degree. Then the candidate must also work for two years in the field. Once they put in seven years of education and work, they can qualify to take the CPA exam. While the process takes years, the rewards in the field are great.

Review Courses Matter

A student absorbs endless information during seven years of study and employment, and it can be difficult to remember everything before taking the CPA exam. Enrolling in a review course is a smart way to prepare for the exam. In just fifteen weeks, a student is ready to pass the CPA exam and embark on an exciting new career path.

Online Classes

Life is busy, especially when accounting students are working full-time in the field. Trying to fit review classes into the day can become a challenge. Taking online classes is a convenient way to prepare for the exam. Whenever a candidate has time, he or she can review for the test to achieve the best possible results. Review classes summarize all the years of learning to help students stay focused during the CPA exam.

Working as a CPA means paying attention to detail, learning something new each day, and remaining dedicated to honesty and professionalism. The years of work and study required to become certified ensure that a CPA is ready to go out in the field to help people and businesses with their finances.

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