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Female graduate holding money at library School is right across the corner or has already started? Would you like to calm down the heat that entered your home, and wish to have some piece? If so, you are at the right place. Whether talking to a student or already to a grown-up, the school time might not be the best financial moment – since the pay day comes usually after the first school day! Well, if they play hard, we’ve got to play harder – don’t move, stick with us and see what we have come up with in order to give you a hand!

Spot the SALES

At this moment of the year, sales are everywhere. Still, if you want to play smart, you need to follow our advice – take a week off and go everyday through every shop you like most. Among those days, you will find the right one when the pricer are lower than you saw them on the first hand! Trust me, this is all verified and I am talking from experience. Do not go ahead and buy the first thing you see, because 3 days later you might cry yourself out. By this way, you save money to spend on something different!

…a week later

After the school starts, all of the shops are trying to get rid of the stuff they did not sell. In this case, the prices are even smaller and on the other hand, the pay day matches absolutely fine the needs!

Part-time job

When the school hits, the first two months are nothing but a breeze. In this case, if you have planned to get the new iPhone coming up at the beginning of the next year, take a part-time job upon you. Two months are more than welcomed to get you going, since school will not be a fuss and the job as well! Still, if you plan to take school seriously, end the job after the first two months – when you start to like money, they might run away from you.

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Online deals

Looking for a full-year job? Join the worldwide writing community, blogging or sharing and you will be among those who make money online, in a short yet entertaining way you will never get rid of! It is all up to you, up to your priorities to choose your best skills to work with. If writing is the right choice for you, very well! You might be one of us one day.


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