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There are two bake shops that have opened up around the same time one year ago. The first shop of the two, Cindy’s Cake Corral, is not making very many sales. This fact doesn’t seem to add up to the master baker. She had one of her friends set up a top-notch website for her company with a shiny banner and their professional logo right on the front page. All of the options for potential customers to browse the site were right there, so getting lost on the website was not likely to happen for anyone who might stumble upon their page.

The second shop, Cupcakes by Chris, is doing much better in terms of sales. Chris, who has just as much experience in the field of baking, is getting a steady stream of customers to his site every month on a consistent basis. He also had a pro website set up around the same time that Cindy did one year ago. The only difference is that Chris, unlike Cindy, sought the assistance of someone who was working for an SEO company who knew all the right steps to take both in marketing and in presenting the website’s keywords in just the right way to bring in the most traffic.

The one thing that these two baking companies have in common is that they both have basically all the same tools and the same product to offer but with a different flavor (their own individual brands that make them unique). The main aspect that they differ in most is how much effort they’re putting into putting themselves and their business out there. Their attempts at marketing themselves correctly are vastly different. Cupcakes by Chris has the most exposure to the marketplace since most of his customers will be those using search engines and will have found him online.

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Make Money From Selling

Most SEO companies will work in just the right way for your brand in order to get you the traffic you know your company needs and that you as a business owner want to attract. SEO is set up with the sole purpose of gaining your website more visibility. Through this wider visibility, you are likely to have more conversions. Conversions mean more paying customers and potentially more repeat customers for your business. Think of it as a rinse and repeat process and you have yourself an effective SEO system set up for long term exposure. Not only that, but SEO is usually cheaper than paying for a place in the Yellow Pages anymore. Plus it is much easier to monitor your progress over time with this method.

Upping your SEO homepage game is basically expected nowadays. There is no need to feel intimidated by search engine optimization. By understanding search engines, you can take advantage of a system that is meant to help business owners succeed in a highly competitive marketplace. Any quality SEO service will help by easing any anxiety you might have when it comes to understanding just how SEO works.

It all starts with picking the right domain name but it doesn’t end there. There are many facets to what makes SEO so effective when done well and tweaked over time. Still, the process of how it all works out and fits together isn’t rocket science and it can really be simplified for even the most technologically challenged individual. Once you learn about the importance of the basics of why SEO is important, it will be an invaluable skill that you can even master given enough practice.

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Make Money Online With Traffic

The fact of the matter is that hardly anyone uses the Yellow Pages anymore in order to find companies to fill their needs. The same goes for local newspapers. The majority of people who come to your site will have used search engines, so having your website “search engine optimized” is a necessity nowadays in order to get any significant exposure. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of all of the tools at your disposal? If taking the initiative for a short time means long term results, then it’s a wonder not everyone is doing it. Your website will basically be floating around in an ocean of unknown and unexposed websites, just like Cindy’s, without taking that extra step to ensure you are getting your company full exposure.


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