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Event tickets that are used to control the entry to popular entertainment events require certain level of security. This level of Security is required to

1. Prevent printing of bogus event tickets,
2. Provide the required security levels based on the importance of the event
3. Put in place a proper visitor management system. Event ticket printing comes with the different levels of security levels.

Security features available in Event tickets

Ticket printing service provider provides the following standard security features on the event tickets that are printed by them.

1. Silurian fibers that can only be detected by UV light
2. Watermark that is hidden in the paper
3. Invisible UV ink that is present on the reverse side of the ticket and can only be detected using UV light.
4. Customization options that provide the flexibility to include art work and fancy fonts to be included as part of the ticket.

In addition to these standard security features, customers can also opt for certain added extra high security features, such as

1. Foil stamping made out of metal that are added along the perforated strip
2. Placement of Holograms along the ticket perforation
3. Bar coding
4. Embossing and color overprinting

Event ticket additional features
Event ticket texts are printed in black color. The color of the ticket can be chosen from one among Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red and Yellow. Some events might require the tickets to come in the form of a combination of four of five tear off sections. The tear off tickets can be used for several purposes within the events including getting drinks voucher, snacks voucher, discount offer vouchers.

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The different tear off tickets that can be chosen include 2-part, 3-part, 4-part and 5-part security ticket. The event tickets are actually printed using laser and computer technology.

Event ticket design

In addition to providing security print features, service providers are also capable of providing high quality ticket design. Fancy texts or a combination of texts and images can be included on the event tickets. After getting the concurrence of their clients, the service provider would then start the printing process.

These event tickets are used for a wide variety of events including

1. Music and theater events
2. Party events
3. Sports events
4. Fashion events
5. Military events
6. Political events
7. Holiday events
8. School events

Service providers also have with them a number of ticket templates designed by their experienced in-house designers. There are templates available for each and every types of event listed above.

Gift Voucher Printing

Similar to the event tickets, Gift Voucher coupons that are provided by the vendors as gift to their regular customers also require basic security features. Voucher gift coupons can be printed in different price denominations and come with basic security features that are provided in event tickets including water marks and hidden UV ink. Similar to the event tickets, these vouchers can also be made to contain attractive art form designs. The gift vouchers are available in different colors and can be ordered as a single coupon or as a collection of coupons in a standard book form.

The printed gift vouchers can be used by different business owners including Food superstores, Hairdressers, Beauty salons, clothes retailers, telecommunication companies and agencies and stationary shops.

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