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You’ve asked yourself where to sell hair online for money, but didn’t found the answer, here is the solution.

I have beautiful hair, (smile) but it’s not that long and I can’t sell it for money like you will be able to do, once you read this post.

Some people just cut their hair once a month and that’s all they know about it. But some people take care of their hair, they use the right shampoo, right cutting style, color and wants to represent its personality with their hair style.

If you are one of these people and you have long,beautiful and healthy hair you could cut some and make some money from it.

Just by selling your hair you can make enough for monthly expenses you spend to keep your hair in the best shape.

Since internet is the big marketplace, all you will need to sell your hair is the internet connection and your PC,Tablet,Laptop or smartphone and of course the websites that I’m going to show you.

These sites are marketplaces where you can make money online selling real human hair.

Some of these sites are very unique I must say, and I congratulate the people that started this and made the opportunity for many of you to make extra income from home.

Innovative ideas like these are keeping internet alive and powerful enough to help people to work from home.

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How It Works?

It’s pretty simple, you take a picture of your hair, say how much you are willing to cut, set the price and watch for the offers coming in. Once you choose the buyer you and the buyer need to decide how payment will be made and how the hair will be sent. For the safety of both parties, the use of PayPal is recommended for payments.

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Prices can range from $100 to several thousands of dollars!

Here is the list of some of the great sites where you can sell your hair for money, and where you can buy hair too.

The site position in the list is not representing my personal favorite.

Best Websites to Sell Hair, Make Money Selling Hair:

BuyandSellHair – is the marketplace to buy and sell real human hair. Want to sell your hair? Create an ad within minutes.

Onlinehairaffair – Sell your hair or buy hair online 

Hairwork – Sell your hair.

Sellhairstore – You can also sell your hair on this website, instead of leaving it to the hairdresser.

Sell your hair for money and enjoy while doing it.


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