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We all have stuff lying around the house that we don’t need. Instead of letting the clutter build up in your house, sell it! You can make a small fortune by selling things online. Things that are useless to you are valuable to others. There are many different ways to sell things online and some are more appropriate than others. Knowing which site to sell on will help you make more money.


Most people will head straight to eBay to sell their unwanted goods. However, that’s not always the right answer. You may have more success and earn more money by finding the right site for your item. Follow this simple guide to find the most lucrative place to get rid of your stuff. Some of these might even help you start your own business. You’ll soon be raking the money in!


Your old phone


Your useless old phone might seem ugly and cumbersome to you. Especially after you’ve upgraded to the super new latest model. However, the parts inside the phone are highly valuable. The entire phone itself can be recycled. Before you sell to a friend, check the popular phone exchange websites. They’ll offer you good money for your old phone; all you need to do is package it up and send it to them. These sites are particularly great if you’ve got a popular model.


Crafts and home-made items


If you’re the crafty type and have a small range of hand-made items you want to sell, Etsy is your place. eBay is a good idea too, but when people look for crafts and personal things for the home, they go to Etsy. You can sell an individual item or set up an online shop. You can run your entire business through the site. You’ll build up a following and find regular customers.

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Rare items and things from your attic


This is where eBay really lives up to its reputation. When people are looking for niche or collectors items, they go to eBay. You’ll make the most money on your rare item on this site. eBay is also perfect for all the random junk you find in your house. Clothes also sell fairly well here. You’ll need to get your head around parcel delivery, but you’ll get the hang of it.




Amazon is the online hub for books. It’s really easy to put your old books up for sale and you can make a small fortune by passing them on. We all have old bookcases full of unread books, why not make some money out of them?


Furniture and large items


The easiest way to find a home for large items is Craigslist. The site will target your local area so you don’t have to worry about postage for your massive items! You can also deal in cash and arrange an easy exchange.


Selling your stuff online is easy. Just make sure that you’re getting the best price for your items by going to the right place. Whether you’re offloading things from your attic or starting a business, there’s plenty of money to be had.



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