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“Where can I find a FREE bulk email software?”

If this sounds like you or if you are looking for a free bulk email software, then read on…

Being able to send mass emails is important for those who need to market their products and services to many people. In fact, even big companies such as web hosts find this service crucial in keeping their members or subscribers up-to-date with events and announcements. Fortunately, reaching a large number of recipients is not an easy task these days.

Today, let’s see how to send bulk emails for free.

Sending Bulk Emails For Free

Well, there are essentially two ways that you can mass email your customers or recipients for free.

Firstly, you can choose to send via your own email service. Some email service providers are free to use e.g. Yahoo!Mail and Gmail while others may require minimal monthly fees. Each email service provider has their own set of rules so do check with your email service provider regarding the limit of your outbound email messages.

Yes, they do impose a limit (either daily or hourly) on the number of emails that you are allowed to send out. For comparison, Gmail allows 500 outbound emails per day though this limit has been known to vary depending on the load that day. Yahoo!Mail, allows lesser than that.

So, if you want to send bulk emails, free email service providers are probably not very good choices.

Alternatively, you could choose another method i.e. by using specially-designed bulk email marketing software like Thunder Mailer (Visit their official site at

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Is Thunder Mailer Free?

There are hundreds of email marketing software today, most of which require you to purchase the software. This includes Thunder Mailer too. Thunder Mailer is a premium bulk email software.

However, the good thing about this software is that there is a free version of which you are welcome to try out.

What’s the catch? None really. As users themselves, the developers behind Thunder Mailer understand that we should be allowed to test a product before purchasing.

The only difference between the free version and the registered version of Thunder Mailer is the free edition has a sending limit of 100 emails at a time. In other words, users of the free version will get the same features, the same support and the same unlimited mailing list size as the registered version. So, naturally, this is a great deal, especially for beginners!

Why Thunder Mailer?

There are many benefits to using to Thunder Mailer. Here are three of my favorite reasons:


It costs $69.00 for the software but since they are currently running a promotion, the discounted price is $55.20 only. All you need is to enter the coupon code HAPPY20 when checking out. This will give you a cool 20% discount instantly.


If you have any problems, the support team’s response time is usually very fast. The software is pretty well researched and designed so you would not have much problem. But if you do, their support team is quite professional in handling bulk email marketing issues.
3.HTML and plain text emails

Thunder Mailer supports both HTML and plain text email formats. You can easily make changes in the fonts and images and be able to immediately preview the effect without having to send it.

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Management of email lists and bulk emails should not be taken lightly especially when your business or organization depends on getting the message through effectively. With Thunder Mailer, you can create mailing jobs and messages and email them out quickly. Though Thunder Mailer’s current discounted price is $55.20, it also comes with a free version that you can download and use straight away!

If you are looking for a free bulk email marketing software, do check out


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