Do not turn your back on content marketing. The Content Marketing by definition involves the creation and distribution of content value for our customers and prospects that attract to our business or company and allow us to connect more easily and directly with them.

With content marketing should inquire into the needs of our customers, our solutions to offer effective and most convenient way possible.

If what we offer is of sufficient importance, will be doing content marketing. We must not confuse it with the dissemination of promotional content, which seeks to attract customers in other ways. We seek to provide content that will attract the customer, but to be encouraged to engage with our business and invite you to participate.

Currently, the volume of information in the network is virtually incomprehensible. So search Google tries to give us through certain rules or filters known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). However, SEO is a constantly evolving world and know it thoroughly requires a thorough study and often, what works today, tomorrow stop.

Therefore, one of the weapons that online entrepreneurs have at our disposal is precisely the Content Marketing, creating quality content aimed at our target audience.

When developing our content marketing, we have at our disposal many tools, whether multimedia (videos, podcasts, online conferences …), online (creating ebooks, newsletter, email marketing …) or type social (the case of articles in blogs or on our website, post in forums or social networks, microblogging, forums …)

The bottom line in any case should be focusing on providing content of interest, which is of relevance, to generate added value. And to start doing it, we should start by choosing a headline that generates interest and the attention of our potential audience. The title will be “the hook” that initially grabs our party and invite us to continue reading, viewing or listening to the rest.

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The next thing to conquer when our audience know who is headed, what to look, what are your goals, your dreams … Of course, it is no easy task and probably learn by trial and error, but little gradually generate better content and will capture interest.

Some techniques achieve effective content marketing can be:

Create quality content and original. Of course, always be the best way to make a good content marketing. Research, study, read, learn daily train you and allow you to gradually become an expert in your field.

That’s when you create content can allow without having to go to outside or external sources. If you bring relevant and completely new information, forward a lot worse in front of your audience.

Show yourself as a connoisseur up of your subject, your audience answers questions, provides solutions that will achieve and put their trust in you.

Create content that cause impact and draw attention. Generate controversy or dispute is another way to attract the public. The different thinking or offer divergent views of the majority, can get you an audience that is interested in the debate and dialogue. And participation is essential for your blog or your website overflowing vitality.

Of course, one must be moderate and not overdo it, because we could lose customer we want to attract. Controversial yes, but not uncompromising.

Create content that touch fiber viewer. The emotionally charged stories, especially those that come out of your personal experience, can generate links affinity with your audience, who identify with you.

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Such stories are often more attractive than merely informative, however, can be risky and cause the opposite effect if you abuse this technique. When telling emotional stories, it is important to maintain interest from the beginning and without lowering the narrative tension of the story, to keep the reader’s attention.

In short, look for the quality and content of interest; they will help us gain an added value of face to our audience, so we generate greater confidence that attracts us and our business. Also, a good Content Marketing will also get Google runs better eyes watching us and allow us to better positioning in search, regardless of the rules of SEO.

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