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If you run a small business, you will most likely have a relatively small office space. This is to be expected, as if you have relatively few staff, it would be a waste to have a large office, and this would mean you would end up wasting money on unnecessary space and resources. Smaller offices can take a little planning to ensure you fit in everything you need, but once you’ve sorted it out, you can organize your office space perfectly.

Firstly, you need to think compact. However, contrary to what lots of people think, compact needn’t mean poor quality. There is lots of high quality office furniture which is on the more petite side, and of course you should abide by the mantra of ‘quality over quantity’. Instead of a large executive desk taking up half the room, go for something sleek and modern. As long as you can fit a computer and a document tray on it, you don’t actually need much more space than this.

Go for as little furniture as possible. There is no point in going for massive storage cabinets ‘just in case’ you need the extra space to store documents in future. Many offices are going paperless anyway, so you might find that you can use an online storage system to archive and save all of your important documents without having to waste paper and space in an unnecessary storage unit. Similarly, lots of offices have a lot of furniture for the sake of it, such as coffee tables holding just a plant or a fruitbowl, which you won’t need to include in your room.

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One good idea is to get as many things off the floor as possible to save space for the furniture you need. Wall-mounted shelves and lights are a good way to save floor space, and instead of a full bookshelf, whittle down your collection and store it in a drawer or on a windowsill.

The only furniture you really need as a small business, generally, is desks and chairs. Once you have figured out a suitable layout for these in the space you have, you can see if there are any extra corners you can play with to add in more items. However, less is more, and it is far better to have a room with less furniture and more space than a room which has been overloaded with chunky, oversized pieces which leave everyone feeling cramped and claustrophobic.

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