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Getting a family up and ready to get out the door every morning is a delicate and difficult task. Time is never on your side and it seems as if someone is always forgetting something. Try these simple organizational hacks to speed up your morning routine and lower your collective stress levels.


Coffee/breakfast bar

If, like the majority of functioning adults, you struggle to get up and ready for the day without an appropriate amount of caffeine, having a ready-to-go cup of coffee in the morning is a necessity, not a luxury. Why not set up a corner of your kitchen or dining room as a breakfast bar to house all your morning food and drink essentials: cereals, toast, fruit, and of course, coffee. Your over-caffeinated, sleep deprived body will thank you.


Packed lunch organization

Packing lunches for the whole family five days a week is a necessary task that takes up much of your time every morning. Setting up pre sorted bins in the refrigerator for packed lunches will save you some of these precious minutes and keep you focused on getting out of the door faster.


Outfit organization

Standing wide eyed in front of a closet full of clothes is not an option on busy mornings. Save time and effort by organizing outfits the night, or week, before. Put outfits together in hanging clothes racks, or create your own day of the week outfits organizers like these. Your wardrobe woes will be no more.


Family command center

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Keep track of the family schedules, grocery lists, and important documents by creating your own family command center. The name says it all; you will truly be in command with this simple DIY project.



Somehow, even when everyone is dressed and ready to go, someone always ends up missing a shoe or jacket. Create your own mudroom or family entryway with separate sections for each family member to ensure no one loses their essentials before leaving the house again. (Or, at least, to ensure you have somewhere to sort everyone else’s belongings when they’re strewn them on the floor for the hundredth time.)


Key hooks

All the household organization in the world can’t help you if, when you’re just about to walk out the door, you realize you can’t find your keys. We’ve all been there: racing around the house like a chicken with its head cut off, searching for the keys to our freedom as the minutes tick quickly away before we need to be somewhere. Make sure you never experience that again by equipping your home with some key hooks in your entryway.


Organization is clearly the key to keeping your morning routine as military-like and stress-free as possible. With these tips and tricks, you may just be able to get out the door in time one of these days.


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