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Quitting your job might be one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do in life. The fear of leaving your comfort zone and the many uncertainties that lie within your decision could actually overpower your unhappiness at your current work, prompting you to stay longer. Still, it is something that you must do from time to time in order to fully realize what you’re truly capable of.

Saying goodbye to the work that you’ve gotten used to is going to change your life forever. Thus, being sure of what you’re getting yourself into is a must. Don’t submit that resignation letter on a whim. Instead, try to look out for these seven signs that will tell you it’s high time to move on and find greener pastures.

1. You’re doing things half-heartedly
Any job that requires you to do things half-heartedly is a bad fit for you. Sure, the pay might be good and your boss maybe happy with what you’ve accomplished. But chances are you’re not really satisfied with your work when all has been said and done. Being unable to fulfill your personal drive is going to turn you into a dull and unhappy employee. Beware, for this kind of situation will eventually affect your emotional and mental health.

2. Being unaware of what you truly are for the company
Having that sense of belongingness and being of use to your company is essential for your personal morale. Figure out your current stand within the company. It’s important to determine whether or not you’re actually helping the business. It would do you some good to talk about your performance and present status with your immediate supervisor. Weigh things out and see if you have enough reasons to stay.

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3. There’s no clear signs of career advancement
Promotion is a surefire sign of job security. It simply means that you’re being an asset to the company and that the head honchos value you as a member of the workforce. Being passed up for promotion is an alarming sign that you should look out for at all times (especially if you feel like you deserved it). Again, communication with your superiors can help you clear things up. Leave only when you feel that you’re being taken for granted both as a person and an employee.

4. The company’s future is bleak
Going down with a sinking company is never good for your career. Other employers don’t want to include people who could “jinx” them. So, leaving while things are still manageable is still considered as a wise decision.

5. You’re starting to view things in a pessimistic way
Do you find yourself waking up and seeing everything in a negative light? Are you only looking forward to going home and leaving your workplace behind? Then maybe it is time to find other opportunities. You might just be losing the love you once had for your employment through difference in ethics and goals, causing you to see things in a pessimistic way.

6. Inability to balance your personal life and work
Losing grip of your personal life because of work will take its toll on you as time passes by. Sure, you might be able to bear it for a year or two but you will eventually notice the burden it places on your psyche and personal relationships. Thus, this could be a clear sign that you need to find another job.

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7. Your ideas aren’t being entertained
Sharing ideas is essential within a workplace because it maintains the feeling of oneness withing a group. Getting approval from the people you work with will do wonders to your productivity level. Needless to say, the opposite can hurt your willingness to work with others. And so, leave when you feel that your ideas (especially the good and reasonable ones) are being shot down.

Quitting your job can really turn you life around. Always consider your options and avoid being hasty when making your decision. Think ahead and take hold of your emotions. Be logical with whatever it is you do. Also, don’t burn any bridges and be grateful with what your current (or soon to be former) employer has done for you.


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