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There are many sites of earning extra cash in the internet. is one of them where you share links and earn cash. Making money with this website is simple and reliable. has huge numbers of online shops in their network where cash is earned every time someone makes a purchase of the products offered in any online shop using links that you are sharing. Commissions range from 20% with every purchase of a product.

How it works

Finding a product

The first step is to find a product that you want to share. There are many products offered at various web pages or online shops.  These products can be found in the selected linksert merchants under partners in There are various categories of the products offered. Clothing and Shoes are offered by partners like Adidas, Ann Taylor, Allen Edmonds, Champion and Converse.  The other category is Accessories and Jewelry and there are various partners who offer these products. They include Accessory Geeks, Princeton Watches, Diamond USA, Inspired Silver and Sundance.

There is entertainment and Gaming and the partners under this category include BBC Shop, iTunes, Warner Bros. Online Shop, Marvel Store and Kobo books.  Some of the partners under the category of Art and Craft include All Posters, and Lego. Under the category of Auto there are partners like Auto Parts Warehouse, ChinaBuye (CN), and Hertz. Other categories include Office Supplies, Software and Web Services, Food and Dining, Sporting Goods, Gifts, Travel, Health, Online Stores, Pets, Electronics etc.

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Entering a product link

The second step is entering a product link from the selected partners into a transformation box found in The link will be shortened after hitting the shorten-button.  The next step is copying the new link that have been shortened and made into an affiliate link. This shortened link is ready to be shared over blogs, Facebook pages, Skype and Twitter and can be seen by all your friends.

Track your results

The link will be appearing in your other selected link list and it will be generating money.  The link plus the others will be directing potential customers into making purchases.  The link can be tweeted by anyone else and be retweeted by followers and this increases earnings.

Sharing of the link can be done through emailing, sharing on messengers or sending as messages. The final step is getting paid for doing something that you love of sharing links. Every product bought through your link generates commission. Amazon pays from 8.5% and others from 20%.  The money can be cashed out at paypal but you have to register an account with This shows you how many times a link has been clicked and the money that it has earned.

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