Whether you are a student or already at your own workplace, the extracurricular activities are opened for people of every age. Usually set for people with some free time, there is no way you could not make place for such opportunities! Take a look to see how to reach them and not only attend them as a usual participant – trust me, I’ve been to lots of them but never left without switching business cards – not only with the participants, but with the speakers as well! You can’t wait for luck to come if you don’t take the means to attract it to you!


Choose the Conferences/Workshops/Trainings on your Field

It is tremendously important to develop yourself on the field you are already working or studying. Not only will you have information and basics, but also know how to develop more from the point you are standing now. In addition, a new certificate is always welcomed for a step forward in your career!


A meeting place for Business Associats

Conferences are the best place where to meet new associats for your future business ideas. On such occasions, at such meetings only the people from the business are gathered to discuss further projects to develop together. Make sure you are one of the smart ones who know how to talk and behave in order to draw your luck up to the sky!


Ask the Right Question

There will always be a Q&A moment for you to share your interest, gather new information and – stay close – to stand out of the crowd. Of course, the speakers will always be assaulted by many questions, but I have two strategies for you to be remembered. Step one, think ahead from home what the question will be (since you know the theme) and if it is good enough, be bold and be the first who asks! In case you find it to be a successful one who might help you reach the top and shine in other’s eyes, make sure to be the last one to ask. Still, if it is both the best and you get the right time, be the ice-breaker and everyone will have their eyes on you the entire night – let alone the business associats!


Switch Business Cards

Pay a special attention to it, since it is one of the best ideas to take up when being at a conference! Whether talking about participants or about the speakers themselves, never leave the place without having at least their email! You don’t know when it might be useful, and I am really sure you do not want to attend something just for the sake of it! Give yourself a try and you will be more than delighted to gather the fruits!