Image courtesy of Sean Macentee

It can often be tempted to play the lottery in the hope that you could win a sum of money which will make a difference to your life. For some people this would have to be the jackpot, but for others even a few hundred could bring them a lot of pleasure.

However, there are many people who buy lottery tickets each week and do not win very much. They may win small amounts of money and that can spur them on to think that they are capable of winning and they may soon win more. There is also a psychological theory that gamblers feel that they will get their turn to win and so they keep playing thinking that if they are paying lots of money in, it will soon be their turn to get some back. Unfortunately it does not work like that with the company running the lottery always taking more money than they pay out and only allocating big prizes to a few people.

Any type of gambling is the same. The prizes will be small compared to the money paid in and so the chances of winning are tiny. If you look at the odds of winning the lottery jackpot, you will see that they are very small. Also consider how many people you know that have won and it is not likely to be many and they are not likely to have won very much either.

The only time that it might be worth playing the lottery to get money is if it is free to play. There have been a number of free lotteries springing up online lately. Although the prizes are small, as the sites need advertising revenue generated by visitors, to grow, they can give you a chance to win something without having to pay out. These sound like a con, but most of them are not, with people winning some money every day for just visiting the site. It may just be a tenner, not a huge jackpot, but the sites will grow if more people use them and the prizes could increase. They may get so popular that people will begin to see that it is better to join these instead. If you do a search online, you should be able to find some and there are often links to others within those sites, perhaps in the chat areas.

Obviously some people get a lot of pleasure from playing the lottery. You may feel that you do not want to stop playing because the fun that you have is worth the money that you spend. As long as you can afford to spend that money then why not keep on having fun! Just remember that you should never think that it could give you a decent income or a big jackpot, just see any prize as a bonus and the money that you spend as a fee for the enjoyment that it is giving you, but make sure you only spend money that you can afford to lose.