Image courtesy of Jonathan Gray

It can be tempting in your work to just do exactly what is expected of you. To come in exactly on time, leave on time and do just the job that you are being paid to do. This is the easy way and you may feel that it is the right way to work. However, doing a bit more could be the way to go.

If you do a little bit more than required, perhaps staying late to help out with something, getting jobs done before you leave or getting in early to get ahead with a task, it will be noticed. Some companies will actually expect you to do a little extra and if you are well paid, then this could be even more the case. Doing a little extra will be appreciated by your colleagues, they will see that you are pulling your weight, helping out the team and generally being a good worker. Bosses should notice as well and this could result in a better review or appraisal and may even help you to get a pay rise.

If you that the company do not deserve your extra time or that you are just not being paid enough to do this, then it could be time to look for a new job. There are plenty out there and many of them will make you feel that you are appreciated and so it could mean that you would be better off elsewhere. This may not be an option though, depending on what is available in your local area. It could be though that you might be able to move jobs within the company to a new team, who you might get one better with and who may appreciate someone who does a bit extra.

There will always be times when you cannot spare extra time for work. If you are as helpful as you can while you are there and at times when you can do a little extra, then this will not be frowned upon. You will find that there will be some people that always work exactly to time. Only do what they have to and nothing more and you may feel it is unfair. However, they may have a family to rush home to, they may have worries on their mind or there could be all sorts of things going on that you do not know about. It should be that you do what you can do to do a bit more for work for you, do not think about whether others are doing it or if you think it is fair. In fact if you are the only one doing it, you may find that this means that you will be noticed and hopefully rewarded for it. Most bosses will notice those that consistently do a little bit more than is necessary and will hopefully put your forward for a promotion or a pay rise as a result. Hopefully others will notice too and appreciate it and return the favour if you ever need help with something.