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Making money has always been the main focus of the mainstream people, let alone of the rich ones. There are thousands of possibilities to round up your incomes, both legal and… a little less legal. Still, what is the best choice to make, especially when the financial crisis is either gone or here, with us? In case you want to be up to date in regards to what the black market is and whether or not would it be a good idea to avoid it, make sure to stick with us and take a note of the tips down below!



I will definitely start with the advantages of enrolling on the black market, since there are many and so deluded! Trust me, the black market would take anyone, regarless of age. If you want to earn real money, without having to pay all the taxes for them, then this is the right way to do! The biggest advantage of it is that you receive the entire money that you should get, for instance $1000 in cash without having to pay $250 to the state’s economy (as it is in some of the European countries). In short, instead of receiving $750, you get all the $1000!



Well, almost all good things come with drawbacks, don’t they? The black market is one of them, since if caught, you might face enough punishments to end up in the street. The IRS and other institutions are keeping their eyes on those who play with the fire, and make sure to burn them when the time comes. In addition, your reputation will dissapear as well as your dreams to becoming a rich man, since all of your acquintances will know how you made you money until now. And… let alone the social punishment! I find it the hardest to cope with.

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Quick Tips

There are hundreds of thousands of businessmen who built their empires on the black market. It is the easiest and definitely the best to choose if you want to earn money, and fast! But the drawback is the ilegal definition of it. Now, seeing it from an objective point of view, I find the black market as being one of the best short time decisions. When being at the beginning, the hard times hit every day. Still, as the time goes by, things being to clarify and on the black market better and faster. If you want to bloom your business, to make it have a flash start, the black market is a good choice. But not for more! Keep in mind that this is a short time idea, but don’t let it get you. 


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