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Congratulations are in order because it’s not every day you’re offered a promotion. However, the company want you to move halfway across the state and relocate to another city which is leaving you with a feeling of dread. There may be plenty of people who would jump at such an opportunity. However, there is an equal number who will struggle with the decision, so you’re not alone in your feelings of uncertainty. A new job or transfer is one of the top reasons for people moving, but that doesn’t mean the decision is an easy one to make, and everyone’s situation is different. To help you decide whether it is right for you, here are some questions you should ask yourself.

Is the Job a Good Fit?

If you’re moving to a new city, the workplace culture is going to be all you know until you get settled. Other people in the company are going to be your only social life for a while so you need to feel comfortable and at home in their company. Liking the people you work with will be very important in the beginning and greatly impact on your quality of life. You also need to be certain that the promotion is something you want, and you’ll enjoy your new role in the company.

Will the Relocation Affect Anyone Else?

If you’re young and single this question won’t be an issue. However, if you’re in a relationship and maybe have children, there are going to be other people affected by your decision. Before you decide, take the time to sit down with your family and ask for their thoughts. Your children will be leaving their friends behind and starting at a new school, which is bound to be stressful. Your partner will have to look for another job, so may also be worried about job prospects.

How Much Will It Cost to Move?

You’ve been offered a promotion which is bound to mean more money, but will it be enough to cover any increase in your living expenses? What about the cost of relocating? Are the company going to pay? There may be a relocation policy in place that will cover local movers, so you can move with peace of mind. Reimbursement may be different depending on whether the relocation is long or short-term and whether it is domestic, out of state or international.

Will Your Quality of Life be Affected?

The best way to quantify this is to take a close look at your current lifestyle and decide what is most important to you. Are you a lover of culture? You need to be sure there are ample opportunities for you to continue enjoying this passion or whether you can find something else to pass the time when not at work. If you have children, you want to check whether the new location is a safe neighborhood and that the schools in the area are of good quality. Weather is also something you need to think about. If you’ve been used to a warm sunny climate and are transported somewhere that endures long cold winters, this may be a change too big to bear.

You might think that relocating won’t be a problem, but you’ll be surprised at the difference it will make. Even with the best-laid plans there is still the chance of something unexpected happening. The strain on your emotions will be heavy, especially during the first couple of months, but it is possible to come out the other side and create a wonderful new life for yourself and your loved ones.   



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