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Web_Fence01For any business owner, the safety of their premises and staff will be at the forefront of their mind. However, nowadays any story about security seems to be about how to improve I.T.-based issues or how to avoid credit card fraud. With this mind, should securing the premises of your business with security fencing still be a major consideration?

Is Crime Against Businesses a Problem?

In the UK, various studies found that over half of businesses experience at least one incidence of crime committed against them during a calendar year. The theft of equipment, fuel, and vehicles are all common cases of criminal damage against businesses, as well as suffering property damage to your premises. Security fencing isn’t something that only businesses that deal with high-margin goods should consider either. It could also help to protect your employees. In a recent study on the effects of retail crime, The British Retail Consortium found that around 28,700 staff had suffered from physical attacks, threats, or verbal abuse.

With this in mind. What Are Your Options?

There are a multitude of security fencing options available to you, ranging from products designed for buildings of national critical infrastructure all the way to residential properties. Palisade security fencing combines hot-formed and cold-rolled steel sections to create a barrier that is often considered the industry leader in securing your business. This design also features a spiked pale head to act as a deterrent against possible intrusion. Conversely, bow top fencing is often used around residential areas as it can provide your business with a clear boundary whilst not alienating the rest of the public. This is often used in community projects and typically features a smaller height of between 1.0-2.4m.

Is It Worth the Investment?

According to the Police and Crime Commissioner for Staffordshire, the total price tag of burglary, shoplifting, robbery, criminal damage, theft and other offences against businesses in the country alone is estimated at over £7,300 per hour. Many of these issues can be addressed by installing new fencing and, fortunately, also shouldn’t cause any kind of prolonged delay. Suppliers like Paramount Steel Fence provide security fencing that can either be manufactured for self-assembly or supplied in the form of a ready-made welded panel, made to be installed quickly across level ground.

Security is one area of your business where you don’t want to cut corners. While it could save you money in the short-term, it could have disastrous consequences in the future.

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