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If you are worried that you might not be in the right job then this can lead to a lot of uncertainty. This is a completely normal feeling and you would be surprised at how many people find themselves in the same situation you are in right now.

Challenge Yourself

If you are able to push yourself out of your comfort zone on a day to day basis then this is fantastic. It shows that you are in the ideal working environment and it also shows that you care about what you do. Sure, at times you may experience stress and you may even feel as though your job is pushing you to the limits, but sometimes this can be a good thing and it can also show that you are being challenged enough.

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You Don’t Need Coffee

Sure, you may grab a coffee every morning, but do you really need it? If you don’t feel as

though you need a coffee because you are excited to start the day ahead then this is another sign that you are in the right job. It also shows that you are excited and that you are motivated for the day as well.

Your Boss Pushes You

You may think that having a great boss is a sign that you have a great job. This is not the case at all, and nice bosses tend to avoid conflict where possible. This can be detrimental to your working environment and it could have a huge impact on your work. Good bosses know when to be supportive and they also know when to push their team to achieve more as well. If you have a manager who is able to strike this fine balance then you really are in a good place right now.


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You Have Friends

If you have bonded with the people who you work with then this is great. You might push each other and you might be competitive as well, but at the end of the day you are still able to work as a team. If you see your colleagues as being friends then this is another sign that you really have something special going on and that you really have a good support network in place.

You Have Time for your Loved Ones

Your job should never affect your health, your personal relationships or the time you have with your loved ones. You know that you have found the right job when you are able to succeed and still have time for those who you love. Sure, you might end up working late now and again, but if it isn’t a regular occurrence then you have nothing to worry about.

You Have a Solid Future

If you know that your job is giving you chance to progress and that you have a good solo 401k in place then you know that your future is going to stable. Stability is the main indicator that you are doing everything right and that you have a good thing going.


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