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Any motorist is highly aware at just how expensive it is to keep a car running and in good condition. These expenses can take up a large chunk of your monthly budget, but this does not have to be the case. There are a few simple changes that you can make to reduce the running costs of your car and save you money each month. Here are a collection of the best changes.


Turn the Air Con Off

It may be tempting to have the air con blasting on full during the warmer months of the year, but the air con actually uses a lot of fuel so it is best to use it sporadically. Having the windows and/or sunroof open is not much better, as this increases drag on the vehicle and particularly when on the motorway. Other electronics (lights, radio, phone charger etc) can run the battery down, so usage should be limited to maximise battery life.


Increase Tyre Pressure

When there is low pressure inside the tyres, the car requires extra gas to move. By checking and topping up the pressure every two weeks, you could save money in the long run. The pressure figure should be in the owner’s manual or near the lock inside the driver’s car. Getting your wheels aligned can also help to save money.


Regularly Change the Oil, Air-Filter and Spark Plugs

In your owner’s manual you should find a maintenance schedule which outlines how often you should change your oil, air-filter and spark plugs. This schedule should be stuck to rigidly, as this can improve the fuel economy, reduce emissions and lengthen the life of the vehicle. These changes are all affordable and can be done yourself with a little guidance.

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Use Supermarket Fuel

Many motorists believe that supermarket fuel is not as good as the premium brands, but this is not true. By switching to supermarket petrol, you could save a huge amount of money with every journey you make. It is also worthwhile analysing how much gas you use each month and seeing if there are journeys that you could cut back on.


For anybody that has just bought a car, with finance companies like First Response making this much more affordable, you are likely to be taken back by just how much it costs to run. Fortunately, these small changes can all save a huge amount of money and even improve performance and maximise the life of the automobile.


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