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originalMoving to an office with your new business? If so, there are several things you should be doing that focus on health, safety, and saving money. You have a responsibility to look after your employees and ensure health and safety in the workplace at all times. Failing to do so can result in an expensive lawsuit.

As everyone knows, prevention is always a lot cheaper than reacting to a disaster or mistakes. So, including regular checks on your equipment, building, and employee areas is an absolute must. Use this checklist to make sure you are taking the right preventive action with a robust and regular maintenance program.

Health issues

Offices can be surprisingly unhealthy if left to deteriorate without servicing or maintenance. You need to make sure that you have a good flow of fresh air via your ventilation. Failure to do so can lead to irritation and illness for those with breathing conditions like asthma, or anyone with weak immune systems.

You also need to arrange regular walkthroughs and health audits, to make sure everyone is sitting in suitable seating and work desks. Finally, you have to ensure that all equipment and areas are clean. Also, use appropriate containers for storing and removing waste.

Safety concerns

Some of the most common workplace accidents arise from slips, trips, and falls. It is critical, then, that you keep corridors and floor space clear at all times. Encourage a tidy work ethic amongst your staff, and include advice on your health and safety program. Your equipment also needs to be maintained and serviced regularly.

Don’t forget about safety equipment, either. Your first aid box should often be checked to ensure that all items are within their use-by date. Also, look into fire extinguisher testing frequency to make sure that your fire prevention is as robust as possible.

Finally, you have to check all transparent doors and walls are made of safety glass or plastic. A surprising number of people can bump into them when they aren’t concentrating!

Provisions and facilities

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Don’t forget about providing for your employee’s wellbeing – it’s important to understand your responsibilities. As an employer, you have a legal duty to provide staff your staff with toilets and washing facilities. It goes without saying that these areas should be cleaned every day at least.

If your employees wear safety uniforms, they should also have somewhere to get changed. They should also have lockers or cloakrooms for storing their clothing. It is also critical to maintain and service all your equipment on a regular basis. Failure to do will cause you a lot of problems if there is an accident in your workplace.

If you are renting your office space, many of these issues will come under the remit of your landlord. However, as an employer, it is still your responsibility to report problems and ensure they are fixed. Don’t forget; you have a legal duty to protect your employees from harm. A robust health and safety policy is the best way of proving you are a responsible employer.


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