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It can take an entire lifetime to come up with the perfect business idea, and some people still never manage to do it. You need to think of something that is guaranteed to make a significant profit, and that can be tricky. Still, if you’ve managed to get that far and now you’re setting the wheels in motion on your new project, it’s often finance that starts to cause hiccups.

You see, in the past you would have been able to stroll into your local high-street bank and get a small business loan without answering too many questions. However, since the financial collapse, these institutions have been less inclined to fund new companies unless they satisfy ridiculous criteria that push almost everyone out of the market.

So, you’ll need to spend some time researching all the other solutions open to you if you need some startup capital. Of course, you could just ask your friends and family if you’re confident enough as this will limit the amount of pressure you’re put under and give you a bit more breathing space to get things off the ground. That said; many people don’t have such generous friends or family members, and so maybe some of the suggestions below would be of use?

Private equity firms

If you thought getting money out of your bank manager was difficult, you’re going to have a nasty surprise when you pitch your idea to private equity companies. While most will be more than willing to invest in any idea they feel will yield a decent profit, they usually want a very large stake in your business. Even so, if no alternatives are open to you, it’s probably best to have a small piece of a big pie than no pie at all, right?

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Stocks, shares and precious metals investment

Presuming you have a few thousand dollars in the bank, it might be wise to play the markets for a while and see if you could increase the funding that way. Sure, it’s a little bit like gambling, but so long as you do enough research, it’s more than possible to make accurate predictions. Indeed, thousands of people successfully do this for a living each and every year. If you do well out of precious metals, you might like to get in touch with some gold IRA companies and set up a retirement account as that will make you feel more secure in the future.

Government and social grants

Those fat cats in the government know all too well that banks are refusing to loan money to the average Joe these days, which is why there have been a number of schemes set up to help encourage innovation over the last couple of years. So, you should always get in touch with your local authority to see if they can offer assistance. You never know, you might be entitled to a government loan.

Well folks, now you know a little more about some of the startup funding solutions available to you, I’m confident the road ahead will become much smoother.

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