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These types of sites are quite popular I must say, and the process is simple.

All you need to do is to be active, do the activities that sites are requiring (depends from site to site) and earn points which later on you can exchange for goods or on some places even for money.

You can save money by doing  this, instead of paying for some life necessities, you collect the points and get the product in almost half a price or even more and sometimes points are all you need in exchange for products.

Many of these sites are legal and trusted, because they get the new business partners that are giving these products for you.

Why they give all that for free, well they now how marketing and UX (user experience) affects the consumers (you) and how to make the future  customers so they benefit too from this.

If you are teenager that wants to make money online or just to get some cool gadgets for yourself, then this is the opportunity.

I know many young people that are earning point like crazy in exchange for their new PS 3, Xbox, Nintendo, or just games which are expensive, right?

And since Christmas is right around the corner, and many other holidays all around the globe, and in many different religions. What connects us all is that we can get prizes for our friends and loved ones and make them happy.

Here is the list of the sites that I know and personally use to earn some extra cash and products that I need for my online business or offline entertainment and curiosity.

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The placement in the list doesn’t represent my personal favorite.



Earn rewards and free stuff by searching and shopping online, answering surveys, and more at, a customer loyalty rewards program.



Earn points by visiting sites, signing up for offers, taking surveys, and referring friends. Points can be redeemed for merchandise.



Members earn PTZ(“Pointz???) by watching videos, listening to music, answering daily questions, and through social commerce.

Lockerz PTZ are then used to lower the prices of merchandise at-will.



Points2shop – Earn Points to get Free Rewards with your Amazon Points!



Earn Free Cash Rewards.  Earn money for trying new things. Cashlepays you to participate in surveys, contests, games, and other fun stuff 



The Fribiz Power Toolbar Gives you endless fribiz points just for being you! 1000 fribiza day + a weekly, monthly and 3 months huge bonuses!

Use  fribiz  to bid on amazing stuff that you always wanted.



GreenZoner is a free membership site where free gifts, commerce and community are offered for participating in eco-oriented projects for Gz Generation.  Get their EEP and exchange them for daily gifts, to collect EEP you need to be logged in. To log in, you need an invitation.




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