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Not feeling so happy about your current employment situation? Why don’t you change it?

I can already hear you throwing around excuses like:

·  I don’t have the time

·  I don’t have the money

·  I don’t have the skills

Since time, money, and skills are of the upmost importance (especially time) let’s look at a few business opportunities you can jump right into–and pretty much master–within a year.

#1: Tutoring

You do not need to have graduated college with honors in order to begin offering tutoring. You just need a thorough understanding of a particular topic (math, English, literature, etc) and a game plan on how to help teach the subjects. Tailor your business toward those in high school (or lower) and you won’t have to worry about struggling with advanced topics as you would tutoring college students.

What’s needed to begin: Take some time to learn the basic strategies behind tutoring. Once you’re comfortable begin brushing up on the topics you wish to teach. Then create business cards, flyers, and other marketing material you can pass around the neighborhood. At the same time – look for job listings on community boards to see if anything in your area is available.

#2: Conversationalist

Along the same lines of a tutor you could use your knowledge of your native language to teach others online through services like Skype. Many people pay good money to have the opportunity to talk with native English speakers because it helps them understand the language in ways that can not be conveyed through a study book.

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What’s needed to begin: Quite literally the only thing you need is a copy of Skype, some free time, and being able to get in touch with people trying to learn English. Go look around forums from foreign countries (or those tailored toward ESL) and offer your services. Once it’s time to go setup a time, start broadcasting, and start chatting.

#3: Ecommerce (Hobbies)

Got a love for a hobby? Turn it into a profitable venture by creating a stock of these items you would normally make for fun but list them through your website (or third party sites) and start selling them! It requires a little upfront cost to gather the supplies (some of which you probably already have) and the drive to take pictures, find a good price point, identify the market, and begin soliciting sales.

What’s needed to begin: Focus on your hobby and making the best items you can. Once you feel you’re ready to go, try building an ecommerce store or use a marketplace like Etsy to get the products listed. From there, begin sharing your shop with others on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social sites you’re on. You could also consider writing blog posts to attract search engine users or even running advertising campaigns through Google AdWords.

#4: Freelance Writer

Even a basic understanding of the English language can get you started in the field of freelance writing. There are thousands of websites that could use content for their pages, blogs, and content marketing strategies. With enough practice you can also find your way into higher paying gigs such as copywriting for ads or writing sales pages for companies.

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What’s needed to begin: Write every day, as much as you can, and you’ll soon develop your style. Pitch a few articles to reputable websites and publications. If published include those on your portfolio website which will help bring in clients. You could also explore the many freelance writing marketplaces where you can find and bid for gigs. Land a few regular paying clients and your business will be off on the right foot.

#5: Massage Therapist

People work really hard and everyone once in a while they like to treat themselves to a massage session to ease the tensions. There are also those who have been injured; that pain can be helped through the practice of massage therapy. A couple of regular clients each week could become a full-time gig from home if you understand the practice and market the business.

What’s needed to begin: Massage therapy classes take (usually) less than a year and once you’ve been certified you can begin the practice. If you wanted to set up at home, your best start is to invest in a massage table (compare options at, decorations for a relaxing ambiance, and putting your name out there in the community through local advertising and word-of-mouth marketing.

#6: Pet Walker/Sitter

Look around your neighborhood and take a note of how many people have pets. You’re bound to find quite a few who do and it’s also probably obvious that they aren’t able to take care of them at all times–like if they want to go out for the night or if they’re going on vacation. People are protective of their pets and they don’t want to leave them at home or drop them off at some doggie hotel, which is why they’re more than likely going to be open about the idea of regular dog walking or sitting from someone they trust in the neighborhood.

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What’s needed to begin: A love for pets, responsibility, communication, and trust. The job is very much the same as babysitting except a little bit easier since you’re taking care of a pet (not a human being). Just make sure you do what you’re offering. Take care of the pet to the best of your ability, keep the owners updated, and respect the owner’s domain.


Still have any doubts or fear that’s setting you back from making a shift in your career or lifestyle? As you can see there are plenty of business opportunities out there for people (like you) that are restrained by time, money, and the need for a skill. A bit of research, drive, and budgeting can change everything within a year’s worth of time so why wouldn’t you want to give it a try? – Pay Someone To Take My Online Class



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