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If you are under the impression that mobile apps are just for the big brands in business, you’re very sorely mistaken. More and more small businesses and medium companies are realizing that we are living in a digital time. We’ve upgraded from writing everything down to recording it all on smart note apps. We’ve branched out to take social media from the desktop computer to being in the palm of our hand whenever we want it to be. As it stands, mobile apps and mobile technology are an effective strategy that every business is benefitting from – when they choose to create an app, that is.

Most businesses that you interact with these days have their own dedicated app. You can book a hair and beauty appointment at the salon with an app. You can order food to your home with an app. You can even link your business phone to local community news apps so that you can keep abreast of the news in your area. The companies that choose to build their own app for themselves are those that are well ahead of the tech game. Not only do they know how to compress their company information into a small square on peoples phones, they know what the customers want. People want instant, clear and simple access to the brands of their choice, and they want to do it now; not yesterday.

As a business, you have to be on the ball with what your consumers want while meeting your own budgetary concerns. There are a lot of reasons that you should think about getting a mobile app set up for your business, and if you can design it yourself you will be in the best position to become even more popular with your customers. There is a good case for creating a mobile app for your business, but there are always pros and cons. The timing and the circumstances of needing the app will depend on your business but if you are looking to propel yourself into the future a little, an app is the way to go. Here are six reasons you should design a mobile app for your business.

You’ve Got A Solution

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You would not be in business if you didn’t provide people with a solution to a problem. Successful mobile apps are created because there is an opportunity to optimize a process in a business. So, if you have an online store that you are running, making an app that allows people to shop your products from the palm of their hand is going to be extremely popular. Your app should serve a single purpose for your customers, and you need to ensure that you have be right budget to make sure that it’s tested thoroughly before your roll out. Using crowdsourced testing can be a huge boost to the app’s success, because then you can make sure that it works in multiple locations. As long as you’re solving a problem, you’re going to get somewhere fast.

Your Customers Would Love It

Let’s pretend that you’ve got a customer personality type that shops from you. Perhaps you offer a niche product that they love. You need to decide if your audience would appreciate you having an app for them to access your business and learn more about you. Here are some of the traits of a customer who would love an app:

  • Check their phone a lot
  • Loves what you have to say and will check your site regularly
  • Always checking for event invitations and seasonal offers
  • Always want the best in customer service from you
  • Have been using an app from a competitor of yours

If these traits fit your customers, you need to step up and match the competition with a well-designed app of your own.

You Can Get People To Come Back

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Having an app idea is one thing, but you need to know what it is that’ll keep people clicking on your business app. Think about how often you go onto news and social media apps and why. If you think you know that your app will have people coming back over and over again. If you don’t know how you’ll get customers using your app, then you need to consider what you could be doing to entice customers back. This could be as simple as designing the app to put the offers you have at the top of the screen to increase your engagement. Once you know what’ll bring people back, you’ll be onto a winner.

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You Want To Be On Trend

Let’s be fair; everyone wants to be on trend, in the know and enjoying life as an innovator. Your business can be a part of that and having a well-designed app can prove that you want to be someone who propels themselves into the future. It’s not just the design, either. If you can make an app that is less buggy, less lagging and has been tested before release so that it’s going to launch perfectly, you’re going to be more popular than any other business in your industry.


The Competition Is Ahead

You may not be the first person in your industry to create an app, which means that your competition is already ahead of the curve. There is nothing that makes companies work harder than knowing they are being beaten out by a rival company. Your direct competition having an app is going to put you behind, and this means that it’s time to get your head down and start designing your app now.


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You Can Improve On What’s Out There

Speaking of the competition, you want to look at what they’re doing and improve it. If you can improve on what they’re doing, you’re going to win over more people. This comes down to user experience and the look of the app in general.


These six reasons should be enough to make you feel like it’s time to start wetting your creative whistle – and it is. Go forth and get ‘appy!


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