Marketing is a many layered operation, as well as your business cards from Helloprint that you dish out to anyone who might be a potential lead, you should also be tapping into the world of digital content and using social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat to engage with your audience.

If you’ve been trying to enhance your social media presence and are ready to really up your tweeting/status game in 2016 then take a look at these shining examples of accounts putting out engaging and fun content for their followers to act upon, while still sharing their brand’s message:

1. Innocent Drinks

With the main aim of selling smoothies (of course) Innocent also use their Twitter account to comment on current events, share the occasional Dad joke and interact with their customers directly – and it’s important to note this is rarely about problems with their product. Witty exchanges between the brand and a follower are what you should be taking note of this year and be striving towards. Most brands want to come across approachable and relatable online, but bear in mind that you should echo this sentiment across the board to be truly successful.

2. Tesco Food

Famous for their food puns, Tesco Food uses its Twitter account to engage in fun ways with its customers, sharing tasty recipes based on seasonal events from the Realfood magazine it produces. The great looking photos that accompany these tweets encourage clicks and for people to head to their nearest store to pick up ingredients and get cooking. You can learn from this account that sharing interesting and visually appealing content is great for engagement.

3. ASOS Studio

If you’ve been considering delving into the world of Instagram, flat lays and beautiful bloggers then its best to take notes from the ASOS Studio account which shares behind the scenes images from the company’s shoots. People love an insider account into what goes on at their favourite brands and if you work in food, fashion or beauty you should see a huge growth in followers who want to know how you create products. ASOS uses video, has models take over the account for the day as they go about work at the studio and, of course, shares exclusive sneak peeks of new ranges.

4. Free People

Similar to ASOS on Instagram, the fashion brand Free People has embraced the social platform Snapchat to offer exclusive behind the scenes looks at what goes on when shoots take place and when new ranges arrive. They use the platform to engage with those following, asking them to share what they’re up to this weekend and also have ‘Question Wednesdays’ where they ask things like, ‘what was the first concert you’ve ever been to?’ to get people to reply. Kathryn O’Connor, the brand’s director of marketing, said: “We keep followers guessing, so that when they go to see a snap, we have 100% of their attention.”

Watch these brands and their social media accounts carefully in 2016 and learn some valuable lessons from the content they are putting out. Don’t copy them directly but be inspired by the lessons they are teaching and watch as your audience grows quickly by replicating their tactics for your own brand.

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