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Nowadays, all businesses rely on technology to function. It seems like every facet of your business can be managed digitally with the right software. This is a welcome change that makes businesses more efficient – provided you find the right products for you. Here’s our guide to set you off in the right direction for your business…


Accounting software

Accounting software like the Intuit QuickBooks Pro is a must for any business. Thishelps you to manage your accounting digitally. This flowchart-based software can also help you transfer data from actual books in the filing cabinet into the computer. It’s easy to use, and can really help you manage your account.



MINDBODY is an example of a business management software focused on employee scheduling and overall management. This makes running your staff more efficient and you can even conduct any important business online saving time and transport costs.


Backup and Recovery

Now that you’re pretty much using computers to run your business, it’s important that you back up important files so that you may recover them in the event of an attack on your system, or worse, calamities like fires and earthquakes. There are several backup and recovery tools online, but Mozy is one of the best because it is an online storage where you can store your backups.



PayPanther is a software with a pretty easy to use interface. Its main function is to keep track of invoicing, CRM, project management, and time-tracking in one easy to use package.

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Office Suite

If you’re running an office, and your employees have to work on a project together it’s helpful if they can all have access to the same documents. If they all have Google accounts, then it’s possible for them to do just that with Google Docs. Employees can edit documents and spreadsheets in real time, which makes it faster and more efficient than sending important files around for revisions and editing. And the best part? It’s free for anyone with a Google account.


E-Commerce Services

This is especially important for anyone running an online business or store. Yahoo Small Business offers reliable e-commerce service complete with credit card processing and sales-tax collection. This is a must for anyone who want to run this particular kind of online business.


These are just some examples of software you could use to improve your business. From schedule managers to account reconciliation software, there are a wide range of services being offered that could assist your venture.


Also keep in mind that now that your business is relying heavily on technology, you should always be careful and invest in some good security software. That will help protect the programs you have purchased from being prone to viruses or hackers and, in turn, protect your asset and business as a whole.



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