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How many times you joined the contest in your neighborhood, city or country and you wished you could do it every day.

Imagine, every day you wake up and find out that you won the contest and got the prize, well it’s possible now. is the marketplace where you can join as many contest you want and submit your helpful ideas and work for money.


How It Works?

On the site, people will look for different type of help from logo design to website slogans, submit your idea, get votes from your friends or online community and collect the prize after winning the contest.

What is is a place where you can create contests and let people compete for a prize of your choosing. The best entry wins the prize!

How to win $$$ with

  • Enter contests by submitting entries. The more contests you enter, the more likely you’ll win!
  • Get friends to vote for your entries everyday. If the creator does not pick a winner, the entry with the most votes wins!
  • Share contests with friends on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Winning credits will be added to your account and you may cash out via PayPal.



How do I get started?

You have the option to join by either connecting through Facebook or Twitter.

Am I eligible to use

As long as you are eighteen (18) years of age or older, you may enjoy creating and participating in contests on

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What are credits?

To create a contest, you will first need to purchase credits to offer as prizes. You can purchase credits using PayPal’s secure payment system or a credit card. One credit costs $1.00 USD.

How do I convert credits to US dollars?

You can convert the credits in your account to US dollars and request payment via Paypal at any time, but you need a minimum of 5 credits to cash out.

I personally entered couple of contests and all I can say this is the easyest way of making money online solving problems.

You don’t need to spend ages with creating account, you just join with facebook or twitter and immediately start posting your ideas and entries, get votes and make money online.

What are Coupons?

Coupons are rewarded to those who successfully invite friends to! They may be used to create contests anytime, but may not be redeemed as cash.

Why to trust this website?

Well, is a new website from Slide, a Google subsidiary, so if you think that this info will help you and encourage you a bit I’m start with this opportunity and earn money online solving problems.

These are some of the FAQ’s from the site, you can find more info there directly.


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