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If you own a business, then you might be already knowing the importance of marketing the brand to attract people towards your business. You could have already followed various methods, like knowing your audience, creating great content for the customers, following good SEO practices, and various other things. However, if all these efforts are not showing results that you’ve hoped for then you must think that marketing isn’t the right thing for your business, which is not the right thing.

With marketing now accepted and carried out widely, businesses need more than just the basic blogs or the contents to differentiate themselves from the competition and attract the people towards the brand. Businesses nowadays need things that are unexpected, something that can wow the potential customer and brings in more prospects for the business.

Here are some of the out of the box marketing ideas that can help you achieve success in your marketing goals and can also help in Brand Activation:

Introduce loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are a great strategic way to gain the trust of your potential customers and your target audience. The loyalty programs enable your business to capture the enthusiasm of the customers and use it to boost your marketing efforts. Basically, you need to engage your target customers by providing them challenges, where they are awarded loyalty points for the content they produce, comments they provide, blogs they join, and even reviews they post online.

This engages your customers and the target audience and creates new opportunities for your business through brand engagement. Your customers and target audience are also benefited from it since they receive points and badges that they can use to receive various perks and privileges. This can be a great way to market your business among your target customers.

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Attend conferences and events and never miss a chance to speak

Conferences and events are great platforms to market your business, where you can find people from different organizations working in the same niche. The other benefit of attending the events and conferences are you’ll find people interested only in your niche, which gives you a great opportunity to reach out to them and market your business.

It’s a great opportunity for you to even look at you competitor’s marketing strategies and try to improve your marketing. When you’re at an event or a conference it’s recommended that you never lose your chance to speak and interact with the people. Interacting with people in events and conferences is known to be a great way for your Brand Activation.

Use photo booths for your events

Who doesn’t like clicking a picture in photo booths with fake mustaches, props, and silly hats? These are the best things that you can have for your corporate events, like product launches and others. The photo booths attract a lot of people who have fun in these booths. Once you have a photo booth installed in your event people will automatically start clicking pictures, here what you can do is connect collect the email ids of the people and send them their clicked pictures along with a link to your business website or the link to the products and services that you offer.

This is a great way to market your brand as people are most likely to open the links that are sent to them along with their pictures. You can also ask the people to fill up quote cards that could enable you to get the name and the email id of people who have clicked pictures through the photo booths. The other thing you can do is pick photo booths that have social sharing options. This allows the person to share their pictures directly from the booths which in turn creates your brand awareness in social media.

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Run live and intriguing contests

Social media is a wonderful thing, which can help your business reach a large number of people within a short span. If you’re running a business then it’s mandatory to have social media presence since it can engage customers directly with the business. You can leverage this platform to great effect that could make your brand expand very fast.

Use social media to run various contests and quizzes. You can ask your customers and target audience to participate in those contests through social media and interact with the brand or the business in exchange for some cool prizes that could intrigue them. Make this a valuable Brand Activation opportunity by asking the users to provide their email addresses and other information as well.


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